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This file contains information about people who are permitted to make
changes to various parts of the runtimes, headers, associated tools,
and associated libraries. Also the list of contributors to mingw-w64
are listed here, too.
Please do not contact the people in this file directly to report
problems in mingw-w64.
For general information about mingw-w64, please visit:
To report problems in mingw-w64, please visit bug-tracker on:
Mook <mook dot gcc at gmail dot com>
NightStrike <nightstrike at gmail dot com>
Kai Tietz <kai dot tietz at redhat dot com>
Developers with write after approval
kjk_hyperion <hackbunny at reactos dot org>
Tor Lillqvist <tlillqvist at gmail dot com>
Alexey Pushkin <Alexey dot Pushkin at mererand dot com>
Roland Schwingel <roland dot schwingel at onevision dot com>
Ozkan Sezer <sezeroz at gmail dot com>
Fridrich Strba <fridrich dot strba at bluewin dot ch>
Chris Sutcliffe <ir0nh34d at gmail dot com>
Jonathan Yong <jon_y at users dot sourceforge dot net>
Jarrod Chesney <jarrod dot chesney at gmail dot com>
Doug Semler <dougsemler at gmail dot com>
Jacek Caban <jacek at codeweavers dor com>
Corinna Vinschen <vinschen at redhat dot com>
André Hentschel <nerv at dawncrow dot de>
Liu Hao <lh_mouse at 126 dot com>
Ruslan Garipov <ruslanngaripov at gmail dot com>
Project members without SVN/Git access
xenofears <peter at cadforte dot com>
We want to thank the following list of people for supporting us
by contributions:
20-40 <annonymous>
Professor Brian Ripley <ripley at stats dot ox dot ac dot uk>
sduplichan <sduplichan at users dot sourceforge dot net>
Wesley W. Terpstra <wesley at terpstra dot ca>
zhou drangon <drangon dot mail at gmail dot com>
Piotr Caban <piotr at codeweavers dot com>
and additional thanks to the following organizations:
OneVision Software AG
Reactos project
Wine project
and many others, we possibly missed to mention here and are sorry for this.
If you think your name is missing and should be mentioned here, please
contact us for adding you.