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The gdtoa code here is based on David M. Gay's original
gdtoa source at from Sep. 27,
2010. The major changes between the original source and
the mingw port here include:
* IBM, CRAY and VAX code removed.
* KR_headers, ANSI, Void and Char ifdefs are removed.
* gdtoa symbols are prepended with "__".
* g_xfmt() uses __fpclassifyl() instead of interpreting
the flags bit-wise.
* lo0bits() and hi0bits() of misc.c replaced by wrappers
to gcc's __builtin_clz()
* The double/ulong union renamed from U to dbl_union
(grep'ped better..)
* A few compiler warning fixes here and there.
* A few other insignificant changes (if any..)
MinGW specific compile-time definitions are at the top of
gdtoaimp.h and gdtoa.h headers.