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/* vsnprintf.c
* $Id: vsnprintf.c,v 1.3 2008/07/28 23:24:20 keithmarshall Exp $
* Provides an implementation of the "vsnprintf" function, conforming
* generally to C99 and SUSv3/POSIX specifications, with extensions
* to support Microsoft's non-standard format specifications. This
* is included in libmingwex.a, replacing the redirection through
* libmoldnames.a, to the MSVCRT standard "_vsnprintf" function; (the
* standard MSVCRT function remains available, and may be invoked
* directly, using this fully qualified form of its name).
* Written by Keith Marshall <>
* This is free software. You may redistribute and/or modify it as you
* see fit, without restriction of copyright.
* This software is provided "as is", in the hope that it may be useful,
* but WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, not even any implied warranty of
* time will the author accept any form of liability for any damages,
* however caused, resulting from the use of this software.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include "mingw_pformat.h"
int __cdecl __vsnprintf (APICHAR *, size_t, const APICHAR *fmt, va_list) __MINGW_NOTHROW;
int __cdecl __vsnprintf(APICHAR *buf, size_t length, const APICHAR *fmt, va_list argv )
register int retval;
if( length == (size_t)(0) )
* No buffer; simply compute and return the size required,
* without actually emitting any data.
return __pformat( 0, buf, 0, fmt, argv);
/* If we get to here, then we have a buffer...
* Emit data up to the limit of buffer length less one,
* then add the requisite NUL terminator.
retval = __pformat( 0, buf, --length, fmt, argv );
buf[retval < (int) length ? retval : (int)length] = '\0';
return retval;