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* This file has no copyright assigned and is placed in the Public Domain.
* This file is part of the mingw-w64 runtime package.
* No warranty is given; refer to the file DISCLAIMER.PD within this package.
#undef CRTDLL
#ifndef _DLL
#define _DLL
#include <oscalls.h>
#include <internal.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <crtdefs.h>
#include <limits.h>
#include <windows.h>
#define _EXIT_LOCK1 8
void __cdecl _lock (int _File);
void __cdecl _unlock (int _File);
_PVFV *__onexitbegin;
_PVFV *__onexitend;
extern _CRTIMP _onexit_t __dllonexit (_onexit_t, _PVFV**, _PVFV**);
extern _onexit_t (__cdecl * __MINGW_IMP_SYMBOL(_onexit)) (_onexit_t func);
/* Choose a different name to prevent name conflicts. The CRT one works fine. */
_onexit_t __cdecl mingw_onexit(_onexit_t func);
_onexit_t __cdecl mingw_onexit(_onexit_t func)
_PVFV *onexitbegin;
_PVFV *onexitend;
_onexit_t retval;
onexitbegin = (_PVFV *) _decode_pointer (__onexitbegin);
if (onexitbegin == (_PVFV *) -1)
return (* __MINGW_IMP_SYMBOL(_onexit)) (func);
_lock (_EXIT_LOCK1);
onexitbegin = (_PVFV *) _decode_pointer (__onexitbegin);
onexitend = (_PVFV *) _decode_pointer (__onexitend);
retval = __dllonexit (func, &onexitbegin, &onexitend);
__onexitbegin = (_PVFV *) _encode_pointer (onexitbegin);
__onexitend = (_PVFV *) _encode_pointer (onexitend);
_unlock (_EXIT_LOCK1);
return retval;
int __cdecl
atexit (_PVFV func)
return (mingw_onexit((_onexit_t)func) == NULL) ? -1 : 0;