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2010-09-01 Jonathan Yong <>
* Rework to avoid using user variables.
* Likewise.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Likewise.
2010-08-29 Jonathan Yong <>
* src/fsredir.c (doredirect): Use GetModuleHandleW instead of LoadLibraryA.
2010-07-23 Jonathan Yong <>
* src/gendef.c (decode_mangle): Adjust libmangle_gc_context to
libmangle_gc_context_t and libmangle_tokens to libmangle_tokens_t
to reflect API change in libmangle.
2010-07-22 Kai Tietz <>
* src/gendef.c (dump_def): Fix output of @0 for 64-bit.
2010-07-22 Jonathan Yong <>
* src/gendef.c (decode_mangle): Rename sGcCtx to libmangle_gc_context.
Rename pMToken to libmangle_tokens.
Rename decode_ms_name to libmangle_decode_ms_name.
2010-05-01 Jonathan Yong <>
* src/fsredir.h (doredirect): Declare.
* src/fsredir.c (doredirect): New.
(undoredirect): Likewise.
* src/gendef.c: (main): Use doredirect.
(show_usage): Add new option.
(opt_chain): Handle new option.
2010-03-20 Kai Tietz <>
* src/gendef_def.c (gendef_getsymbol_info): Handle ordinals forwarders,
2010-02-28 Ozkan Sezer <>
* src/gendef.c (load_pep): always set gDta to NULL after freeing it.
(main): Likewise.
2010-02-23 Kai Tietz <>
* src/gendef.c (no_forward_output): New variable
for option -f/--no-forward-ouput.
(opt_chain): Handle new options.
(add_export_list): Handle no_forward_output.
(show_usage): Add new option.