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@section @value{OS.cygwin}
Building on @value{OS.cygwin} is supported. The following are the recommended specifications for this platform; but is not necessarily the only configuration that is possible:
@itemize @bullet
@item Intel 32-bit or 64-bit hardware
@item @value{OS.cygwin}, gcc 4.3.2
@item gcc 3.4.0 or higher is reported to work
@end itemize
@quotation Note
As of this writing, @value{OS.cygwin} has available to it several versions of gcc; only one of which may be found and used in the path as @code{gcc} and @code{g++}. Configure will thus find what is probably the older more stable version of gcc in a typical @value{OS.cygwin} environment. If you desire to build with the newer gcc, it is found in the path as @code{gcc-4} and @code{g++-4} respectively and you must indicate to configure the desired versions. Defining the following variables beforing running configure should do the trick:
@end quotation
setenv CC gcc-4
setenv CXX gcc-4
@end example
@include build/platform.common.conf.default.texi