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@section Post Site and API Documentation to project website.
This step is for project maintainers and can be used to update Site and API documentation. The following components are updated:
@item Featured Wiki article: BuildRepository
@item Featured Wiki article: BuildSource
@item MP4v2 (trunk) docs (includes Release Notes and other articles, and API docs).
@end itemize
This procedure may only be run from a *nix platform and has only been tested on @value{OS.osx}.
@table @samp
@item make google.clean
Clean any local working copy of google changeset.
@item make
Generate required docs, sparse-checkout google tree, remove files which are no longer generated, add new files which are generated, and update existing files.
@item svn ci -m "-refreshed GoogleCode site+api docs." google/.
Check-in changes. This might take several minutes, especially if your upstream bandwidth is limited.
@end table