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@chapter mp4file
@table @samp
@item --list
list (summary information).
This will produce brief report when summarizing each mp4 file.
@b{BRAND} shows the file's main brand identifier.
@b{COMPAT} shows additional brands for which the file purports to be comaptible with.
@b{SIZING} displays if the file has 64-bit extensions of any kind, otherwise 32-bit.
Example output:
M4A M4A,isom,mp42 32-bit Song.m4a
mp42 isom,mp42 32-bit Movie1.m4v
mp42 isom,mp42 32-bit Movie2.m4v
@end example
@item --optimize
optimize mp4 structure.
This will rewrite the entire mp4 file which, if needed, will clean up
any unused (free) sections, and re-order the atoms in a manner somewhat
consistent with the best-practices described in the ISO base media file
@item --dump
dump mp4 structure in human-readable format.
An ASCII dump of mp4 atoms is printed to stdout. This action is heavily
influenced by @samp{--debug} option.
Example, list some files:
mp4file --list *.mp4 *.m4a *.m4v
@end example
Example, dump a file with more than usual debugging information:
mp4file -dd --dump movie.m4v
@end example
@end table