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#include "src/impl.h"
namespace mp4v2 {
namespace impl {
// MP4ChplAtom is for Nero chapter list atom which is a child of udta
MP4ChplAtom::MP4ChplAtom (MP4File &file)
: MP4Atom(file, "chpl")
// it is not completely clear if version, flags, reserved and chaptercount
// have the right sizes but
// one thing is clear: chaptercount is not only 8-bit it is at least 16-bit
// add the version
// add reserved bytes
AddReserved(*this,"reserved", 1);
// define the chaptercount
MP4Integer32Property * counter = new MP4Integer32Property(*this,"chaptercount");
// define the chapterlist
MP4TableProperty * list = new MP4TableProperty(*this,"chapters", counter);
// the start time as 100 nanoseconds units
list->AddProperty(new MP4Integer64Property(*this,"starttime"));
// the chapter name as UTF-8
list->AddProperty(new MP4StringProperty(*this,"title", true));
// add the chapterslist
void MP4ChplAtom::Generate ()
} // namespace mp4v2::impl