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* Contributor(s):
* Dave Mackie
#include "src/impl.h"
namespace mp4v2 { namespace impl {
MP4HinfAtom::MP4HinfAtom(MP4File &file)
: MP4Atom(file, "hinf")
ExpectChildAtom("trpy", Optional, OnlyOne);
ExpectChildAtom("nump", Optional, OnlyOne);
ExpectChildAtom("tpyl", Optional, OnlyOne);
ExpectChildAtom("maxr", Optional, Many);
ExpectChildAtom("dmed", Optional, OnlyOne);
ExpectChildAtom("dimm", Optional, OnlyOne);
ExpectChildAtom("drep", Optional, OnlyOne);
ExpectChildAtom("tmin", Optional, OnlyOne);
ExpectChildAtom("tmax", Optional, OnlyOne);
ExpectChildAtom("pmax", Optional, OnlyOne);
ExpectChildAtom("dmax", Optional, OnlyOne);
ExpectChildAtom("payt", Optional, OnlyOne);
void MP4HinfAtom::Generate()
// hinf is special in that although all it's child atoms
// are optional (on read), if we generate it for writing
// we really want all the children
for (uint32_t i = 0; i < m_pChildAtomInfos.Size(); i++) {
MP4Atom* pChildAtom =
CreateAtom(m_File, this, m_pChildAtomInfos[i]->m_name);
// and ask it to self generate
}} // namespace mp4v2::impl