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* The contents of this file are subject to the Mozilla Public
* License Version 1.1 (the "License"); you may not use this file
* except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of
* the License at
* Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS
* IS" basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or
* implied. See the License for the specific language governing
* rights and limitations under the License.
* The Original Code is MPEG4IP.
* The Initial Developer of the Original Code is Cisco Systems Inc.
* Portions created by Cisco Systems Inc. are
* Copyright (C) Cisco Systems Inc. 2001. All Rights Reserved.
* Contributor(s):
* Dave Mackie
namespace mp4v2 {
namespace impl {
// forward declarations
class MP4RtpHintTrack;
class MP4RtpHint;
class MP4RtpPacket;
class MP4RtpData : public MP4Container {
MP4RtpData(MP4RtpPacket& packet);
MP4RtpPacket& GetPacket() {
return m_packet;
virtual uint16_t GetDataSize() = 0;
virtual void GetData(uint8_t* pDest) = 0;
MP4Track* FindTrackFromRefIndex(uint8_t refIndex);
virtual void WriteEmbeddedData(MP4File& file, uint64_t startPos) {
// default is no-op
MP4RtpPacket& m_packet;
MP4ARRAY_DECL(MP4RtpData, MP4RtpData*)
class MP4RtpNullData : public MP4RtpData {
MP4RtpNullData(MP4RtpPacket& packet);
uint16_t GetDataSize() {
return 0;
void GetData(uint8_t* pDest) {
// no-op
class MP4RtpImmediateData : public MP4RtpData {
MP4RtpImmediateData(MP4RtpPacket& packet);
void Set(const uint8_t* pBytes, uint8_t numBytes);
uint16_t GetDataSize();
void GetData(uint8_t* pDest);
class MP4RtpSampleData : public MP4RtpData {
MP4RtpSampleData(MP4RtpPacket& packet);
~MP4RtpSampleData(void) {
void SetEmbeddedImmediate(
MP4SampleId sampleId,
uint8_t* pData, uint16_t dataLength);
void SetReferenceSample(
MP4SampleId refSampleId, uint32_t refSampleOffset,
uint16_t sampleLength);
void SetEmbeddedSample(
MP4SampleId sampleId, MP4Track* pRefTrack,
MP4SampleId refSampleId, uint32_t refSampleOffset,
uint16_t sampleLength);
uint16_t GetDataSize();
void GetData(uint8_t* pDest);
void WriteEmbeddedData(MP4File& file, uint64_t startPos);
uint8_t* m_pRefData;
MP4Track* m_pRefTrack;
MP4SampleId m_refSampleId;
uint32_t m_refSampleOffset;
class MP4RtpSampleDescriptionData : public MP4RtpData {
MP4RtpSampleDescriptionData(MP4RtpPacket& packet);
void Set(uint32_t sampleDescrIndex,
uint32_t offset, uint16_t length);
uint16_t GetDataSize();
void GetData(uint8_t* pDest);
class MP4RtpPacket : public MP4Container {
MP4RtpPacket(MP4RtpHint& hint);
void AddExtraProperties();
MP4RtpHint& GetHint() {
return m_hint;
void Set(uint8_t payloadNumber, uint32_t packetId, bool setMbit);
int32_t GetTransmitOffset();
bool GetPBit();
bool GetXBit();
bool GetMBit();
uint8_t GetPayload();
uint16_t GetSequenceNumber();
void SetTransmitOffset(int32_t transmitOffset);
bool IsBFrame();
void SetBFrame(bool isBFrame);
void SetTimestampOffset(uint32_t timestampOffset);
void AddData(MP4RtpData* pData);
uint32_t GetDataSize();
void GetData(uint8_t* pDest);
void Read(MP4File& file);
void ReadExtra(MP4File& file);
void Write(MP4File& file);
void WriteEmbeddedData(MP4File& file, uint64_t startPos);
void Dump(uint8_t indent, bool dumpImplicits);
MP4RtpHint& m_hint;
MP4RtpDataArray m_rtpData;
MP4ARRAY_DECL(MP4RtpPacket, MP4RtpPacket*)
class MP4RtpHint : public MP4Container {
MP4RtpHint(MP4RtpHintTrack& track);
MP4RtpHintTrack& GetTrack() {
return m_track;
uint16_t GetNumberOfPackets() {
return m_rtpPackets.Size();
bool IsBFrame() {
return m_isBFrame;
void SetBFrame(bool isBFrame) {
m_isBFrame = isBFrame;
uint32_t GetTimestampOffset() {
return m_timestampOffset;
void SetTimestampOffset(uint32_t timestampOffset) {
m_timestampOffset = timestampOffset;
MP4RtpPacket* AddPacket();
MP4RtpPacket* GetPacket(uint16_t index) {
return m_rtpPackets[index];
MP4RtpPacket* GetCurrentPacket() {
if (m_rtpPackets.Size() == 0) {
return NULL;
return m_rtpPackets[m_rtpPackets.Size() - 1];
void Read(MP4File& file);
void Write(MP4File& file);
void Dump(uint8_t indent, bool dumpImplicits);
MP4RtpHintTrack& m_track;
MP4RtpPacketArray m_rtpPackets;
// values when adding packets to a hint (write mode)
bool m_isBFrame;
uint32_t m_timestampOffset;
class MP4RtpHintTrack : public MP4Track {
MP4RtpHintTrack(MP4File& file, MP4Atom& trakAtom);
void InitRefTrack();
void InitPayload();
void InitRtpStart();
void InitStats();
MP4Track* GetRefTrack() {
return m_pRefTrack;
void GetPayload(
char** ppPayloadName = NULL,
uint8_t* pPayloadNumber = NULL,
uint16_t* pMaxPayloadSize = NULL,
char **ppEncodingParams = NULL);
void SetPayload(
const char* payloadName,
uint8_t payloadNumber,
uint16_t maxPayloadSize,
const char *encoding_parms,
bool add_rtpmap,
bool add_mpeg4_esid);
void ReadHint(
MP4SampleId hintSampleId,
uint16_t* pNumPackets = NULL);
uint16_t GetHintNumberOfPackets();
bool GetPacketBFrame(uint16_t packetIndex);
uint16_t GetPacketTransmitOffset(uint16_t packetIndex);
void ReadPacket(
uint16_t packetIndex,
uint8_t** ppBytes,
uint32_t* pNumBytes,
uint32_t ssrc,
bool includeHeader = true,
bool includePayload = true);
MP4Timestamp GetRtpTimestampStart();
void SetRtpTimestampStart(MP4Timestamp start);
void AddHint(bool isBFrame, uint32_t timestampOffset);
void AddPacket(bool setMbit, int32_t transmitOffset = 0);
void AddImmediateData(const uint8_t* pBytes, uint32_t numBytes);
void AddSampleData(MP4SampleId sampleId,
uint32_t dataOffset, uint32_t dataLength);
void AddESConfigurationPacket();
void WriteHint(MP4Duration duration, bool isSyncSample);
void FinishWrite(uint32_t options = 0);
MP4Track* m_pRefTrack;
MP4StringProperty* m_pRtpMapProperty;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pPayloadNumberProperty;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pMaxPacketSizeProperty;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pSnroProperty;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pTsroProperty;
uint32_t m_rtpSequenceStart;
uint32_t m_rtpTimestampStart;
// reading
MP4RtpHint* m_pReadHint;
uint8_t* m_pReadHintSample;
uint32_t m_readHintSampleSize;
MP4Timestamp m_readHintTimestamp;
// writing
MP4RtpHint* m_pWriteHint;
MP4SampleId m_writeHintId;
uint32_t m_writePacketId;
// statistics
// in trak.udta.hinf
MP4Integer64Property* m_pTrpy;
MP4Integer64Property* m_pNump;
MP4Integer64Property* m_pTpyl;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pMaxr;
MP4Integer64Property* m_pDmed;
MP4Integer64Property* m_pDimm;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pPmax;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pDmax;
// in trak.mdia.minf.hmhd
MP4Integer16Property* m_pMaxPdu;
MP4Integer16Property* m_pAvgPdu;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pMaxBitRate;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pAvgBitRate;
MP4Timestamp m_thisSec;
uint32_t m_bytesThisSec;
uint32_t m_bytesThisHint;
uint32_t m_bytesThisPacket;
} // namespace mp4v2::impl
#endif // MP4V2_IMPL_RTPHINT_H