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+# MP4v2 Library
+This library provides functions to read, create, and modify mp4 files.
+This is a fork of mp4v2:
+## MP4v2 Overview
+The MP4v2 library provides an API to create and modify mp4 files as defined by
+ISO-IEC:14496-1:2001 MPEG-4 Systems. This file format has been used as a
+multimedia file format in a variety of platforms and applications. It is a very
+powerful and extensible format that can accommodate practically any type of media.
+MP4v2 was originally bundled with mpeg4ip library, but has been moved into its
+own maintained library due to a combination of the cessation of support of
+mpeg4ip and the usefulness of this library on its own.
+## Using the Library
 All docs are located in doc/ subdirectory. Useful starting points:
 Release Notes           -- doc/ReleaseNotes.txt
 Building the Source     -- doc/BuildSource.txt
 Building the Repository -- doc/BuildRepository.txt
+## Releases notes