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Maintainer Add Source Files
Almost any new .cpp or .h files will have to be added to .
It is trivial to add hand-written source files. Just add them to the list
for the particular library or program which already exists. For example,
to add a source file to libmp4v2:
libmp4v2_la_SOURCES = ...
In the rare situation that you desire to add a header file to be installed
during 'make install' and used by the public API (such as mp4v2.h) then it
should be taken out of libmp4v2_la_SOURCES and added to:
mp4v2inc_HEADERS = ...
Once done, autotool files such as configure will need to be regenerated.
This is usually done automatically for you by the generated makefile,
but the following command is always an excellent way to make sure
everything is regenerated properly:
autoreconf -fiv
Don't be alarmed at the number of files created by autoreconf. These
files will be part of any dist-bundle created but do not add them to the
repository -- they are dist-only files.