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@input texinfo @c -*- Texinfo -*-
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@include build/commands.texi
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@majorheading @value{} Building the Repository
@chapter Overview
@include build/overview.texi
@chapter Introduction
This document describes the recommended process to build @value{} from the repository. This process is a @b{superset} of the process to build from a @value{TERM.srcdist} bundle. If you are interested in building from a @value{TERM.srcdist} bundle then this document is not for you.
@chapter Quickstart
This chapter is for the impatient or those just looking for a quick summary of all the commands used in a typical build. You may skip this summary and jump to @ref{Build Process}.
@end example
@anchor{Build Process}
@chapter Build Process
@include build/process.checkout.texi
@include build/process.bootstrap.texi
@include build/process.configure.texi
@include build/
@include build/process.install.texi
@include build/process.dist.texi
@include build/process.doc.texi
@include build/
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