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@majorheading @value{} Documentation
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@heading Introduction
Project @value{} consists of a C-library and various command-line utilities which permit creation and modification of MP4 files as defined by as defined by @cite{ISO base media file format}, document number @cite{ISO/IEC 14496-12:2005(E)}.
@heading Official website
The official @url{@value{},website} makes various @url{@value{PROJECT.url.downloads},downloads} available and archives online browesable documentation for releases, including API Reference. Questions, bug-reports and general feedback may be submitted to the @url{@value{PROJECT.url.discussion},discussion} group.
@unnumbered Articles
See Release Notes (@file{doc/ReleaseNotes.txt})
@* See Building the Source (@file{doc/BuildSource.txt})
@* See Building the Repository (@file{doc/BuildRepository.txt})
@* See Authors (@file{doc/Authors.txt})
@unnumbered Guides
See Command-line Tools Guide (@file{doc/ToolGuide.txt})
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@unnumbered Articles
@item @url{ReleaseNotes.html,Release Notes}.
@item @url{BuildSource.html,Building the Source}.
@item @url{BuildRepository.html,Building the Repository}.
@item @url{Authors.html,Authors}.
@end enumerate
@unnumbered Guides
@item @url{ToolGuide.html,Command-line Tools Guide}.
@end enumerate
@unnumbered Reference
@item @url{api/index.html,API Reference}.
@end enumerate
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