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// The contents of this file are subject to the Mozilla Public License
// Version 1.1 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in
// compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS"
// basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
// License for the specific language governing rights and limitations
// under the License.
// The Original Code is MP4v2.
// The Initial Developer of the Original Code is Kona Blend.
// Portions created by Kona Blend are Copyright (C) 2008.
// All Rights Reserved.
// Contributors:
// Kona Blend,
namespace mp4v2 { namespace util {
/// Utility general program class.
/// This class provides a base implementation for a general utility which
/// helps meet behavioral criteria for command-line executables.
/// Inherit batch processing ability is also provided and is used optionally
/// by the concrete implementation.
/// Criteria and guidelines for utility behavior in MP4v2 are as follows:
/// @li exit with 0 when the utility succeeds at its main task, 1 for failure.
/// @li print brief-usage when no arguments are supplied and exit with 1.
/// @li print brief-usage when too many arguments are supplied and exit with 1.
/// @li issue brief-usage when invalid argument is supplied and exit with 1.
/// @li support --help option and exit with 0.
/// @li support --version option and exit with 0.
/// @li utilities which <b>create</b> new output files should never
/// over-write an existing file unless given the project's universal
/// '-o' or '--overwrite' option.
class MP4V2_EXPORT Utility
enum LongCode {
LC_NONE = 0xf0000000, // safe (cannot conflict with char values)
_LC_MAX // will be used to seeed derived-class long-codes enum
class MP4V2_EXPORT Option {
Option( char, bool, string, bool, uint32_t, string, string = "ARG", string = "", bool = false );
const char scode;
const bool shasarg;
const string lname;
const bool lhasarg;
const uint32_t lcode;
const string descr;
const string argname;
const string help;
const bool hidden;
class MP4V2_EXPORT Group {
explicit Group( string );
void add( const Option& ); // options added this way will not be deleted
void add( char, bool, string, bool, uint32_t, string, string = "ARG", string = "", bool = false );
void add( string, bool, uint32_t, string, string = "ARG", string = "", bool = false );
const string name;
typedef std::list<const Option*> List;
List _options;
List _optionsDelete;
const List& options;
//! structure passed as argument to each job during batch processing
class MP4V2_EXPORT JobContext
JobContext( string file_ );
const string file; //!< file job is working on
MP4FileHandle fileHandle; //!< handle of file, if applicable to job
bool optimizeApplicable; //!< indicate file optimization is applicable
std::list<void*> tofree; //!< memory to free at end of job
virtual ~Utility();
bool process();
Utility( string, int, char** );
void printUsage ( bool ); //!< print usage
void printHelp ( bool, bool ); //!< print help
void printVersion ( bool ); //!< print utility version
void errf ( const char*, ... ) MP4V2_WFORMAT_PRINTF(2,3); //!< print to stderr
void outf ( const char*, ... ) MP4V2_WFORMAT_PRINTF(2,3); //!< print to stdout
bool herrf ( const char*, ... ) MP4V2_WFORMAT_PRINTF(2,3); //!< print to stderr indicating error
bool hwarnf ( const char*, ... ) MP4V2_WFORMAT_PRINTF(2,3); //!< print to stderr indicating warning
void verbose1f ( const char*, ... ) MP4V2_WFORMAT_PRINTF(2,3);
void verbose2f ( const char*, ... ) MP4V2_WFORMAT_PRINTF(2,3);
void verbose3f ( const char*, ... ) MP4V2_WFORMAT_PRINTF(2,3);
bool batch ( int ); //!< process all remaining arguments (jobs)
bool job ( string ); //!< process next argument
//! open file in consideration of overwrite/force options
bool openFileForWriting( io::File& );
bool dryrunAbort();
// delegates
virtual bool utility_option( int, bool& ) = 0; //!< process command-line option
virtual bool utility_job( JobContext& ) = 0; //!< process positional argument
void formatGroups();
void debugUpdate( uint32_t );
void verbose( uint32_t, const char*, va_list );
bool process_impl();
string _help;
prog::Option* _longOptions;
string _shortOptions;
const string _name; //!< executable basename
const int _argc; //!< arg count
char* const* const _argv; //!< arg vector
// common options state
bool _optimize; //!< optimize mp4 file after modification
bool _dryrun; //!< dry-run, no writing is actually performed
bool _keepgoing; //!< contine batch processing even after error
bool _overwrite; //!< overwrite file if already exists
bool _force; //!< force overwriting a file even if read-only
uint32_t _debug; //!< mp4 file I/O verbosity
uint32_t _verbosity; //!< verbosity level, default=1
uint32_t _jobCount;
uint32_t _jobTotal;
bool _debugImplicits;
Group _group; // group to which standard options are added
string _usage;
string _description;
std::list<Group*> _groups;
// standard options for concrete utilities to add to _group in constructor
const Option STD_OPTIMIZE;
const Option STD_DRYRUN;
const Option STD_KEEPGOING;
const Option STD_OVERWRITE;
const Option STD_FORCE;
const Option STD_QUIET;
const Option STD_DEBUG;
const Option STD_VERBOSE;
const Option STD_HELP;
const Option STD_VERSION;
const Option STD_VERSIONX;
static const bool SUCCESS;
static const bool FAILURE;
}} // namespace mp4v2::util
#endif // MP4V2_UTIL_UTILITY_H