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* License Version 1.1 (the "License"); you may not use this file
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* IS" basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or
* implied. See the License for the specific language governing
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* The Original Code is MPEG4IP.
* The Initial Developer of the Original Code is Cisco Systems Inc.
* Portions created by Cisco Systems Inc. are
* Copyright (C) Cisco Systems Inc. 2001 - 2004. All Rights Reserved.
* 3GPP features implementation is based on 3GPP's TS26.234-v5.60,
* and was contributed by Ximpo Group Ltd.
* Portions created by Ximpo Group Ltd. are
* Copyright (C) Ximpo Group Ltd. 2003, 2004. All Rights Reserved.
* Contributor(s):
* Dave Mackie
* Ximpo Group Ltd.
namespace mp4v2 { namespace impl {
typedef uint32_t MP4ChunkId;
// forward declarations
class MP4File;
class MP4Atom;
class MP4Property;
class MP4IntegerProperty;
class MP4Integer8Property;
class MP4Integer16Property;
class MP4Integer32Property;
class MP4Integer64Property;
class MP4StringProperty;
class MP4Track
MP4Track(MP4File& file, MP4Atom& trakAtom);
virtual ~MP4Track();
MP4TrackId GetId() {
return m_trackId;
const char* GetType();
void SetType(const char* type);
MP4File& GetFile() {
return m_File;
MP4Atom& GetTrakAtom() {
return m_trakAtom;
void ReadSample(
// input parameters
MP4SampleId sampleId,
// output parameters
uint8_t** ppBytes,
uint32_t* pNumBytes,
MP4Timestamp* pStartTime = NULL,
MP4Duration* pDuration = NULL,
MP4Duration* pRenderingOffset = NULL,
bool* pIsSyncSample = NULL,
bool* hasDependencyFlags = NULL,
uint32_t* dependencyFlags = NULL );
void WriteSample(
const uint8_t* pBytes,
uint32_t numBytes,
MP4Duration duration = 0,
MP4Duration renderingOffset = 0,
bool isSyncSample = true);
void WriteSampleDependency(
const uint8_t* pBytes,
uint32_t numBytes,
MP4Duration duration,
MP4Duration renderingOffset,
bool isSyncSample,
uint32_t dependencyFlags );
virtual void FinishWrite(uint32_t options = 0);
uint64_t GetDuration(); // in track timeScale units
uint32_t GetTimeScale();
uint32_t GetNumberOfSamples();
uint32_t GetSampleSize(MP4SampleId sampleId);
uint32_t GetMaxSampleSize();
uint64_t GetTotalOfSampleSizes();
uint32_t GetAvgBitrate(); // in bps
uint32_t GetMaxBitrate(); // in bps
MP4Duration GetFixedSampleDuration();
void SetFixedSampleDuration(MP4Duration duration);
void GetSampleTimes(MP4SampleId sampleId,
MP4Timestamp* pStartTime, MP4Duration* pDuration);
bool IsSyncSample(MP4SampleId sampleId);
MP4SampleId GetSampleIdFromTime(
MP4Timestamp when,
bool wantSyncSample = false);
MP4Duration GetSampleRenderingOffset(MP4SampleId sampleId);
void SetSampleRenderingOffset(MP4SampleId sampleId,
MP4Duration renderingOffset);
MP4EditId AddEdit(
MP4EditId editId = MP4_INVALID_EDIT_ID);
void DeleteEdit(
MP4EditId editId);
MP4Timestamp GetEditStart(
MP4EditId editId);
MP4Timestamp GetEditTotalDuration(
MP4EditId editId);
MP4SampleId GetSampleIdFromEditTime(
MP4Timestamp editWhen,
MP4Timestamp* pStartTime = NULL,
MP4Duration* pDuration = NULL);
// special operation for use during hint track packet assembly
void ReadSampleFragment(
MP4SampleId sampleId,
uint32_t sampleOffset,
uint16_t sampleLength,
uint8_t* pDest);
// special operations for use during optimization
uint32_t GetNumberOfChunks();
MP4Timestamp GetChunkTime(MP4ChunkId chunkId);
void ReadChunk(MP4ChunkId chunkId,
uint8_t** ppChunk, uint32_t* pChunkSize);
void RewriteChunk(MP4ChunkId chunkId,
uint8_t* pChunk, uint32_t chunkSize);
MP4Duration GetDurationPerChunk();
void SetDurationPerChunk( MP4Duration );
bool InitEditListProperties();
File* GetSampleFile( MP4SampleId sampleId );
uint64_t GetSampleFileOffset(MP4SampleId sampleId);
uint32_t GetSampleStscIndex(MP4SampleId sampleId);
uint32_t GetChunkStscIndex(MP4ChunkId chunkId);
uint32_t GetChunkSize(MP4ChunkId chunkId);
uint32_t GetSampleCttsIndex(MP4SampleId sampleId,
MP4SampleId* pFirstSampleId = NULL);
MP4SampleId GetNextSyncSample(MP4SampleId sampleId);
void UpdateSampleSizes(MP4SampleId sampleId,
uint32_t numBytes);
bool IsChunkFull(MP4SampleId sampleId);
void UpdateSampleToChunk(MP4SampleId sampleId,
MP4ChunkId chunkId, uint32_t samplesPerChunk);
void UpdateChunkOffsets(uint64_t chunkOffset);
void UpdateSampleTimes(MP4Duration duration);
void UpdateRenderingOffsets(MP4SampleId sampleId,
MP4Duration renderingOffset);
void UpdateSyncSamples(MP4SampleId sampleId,
bool isSyncSample);
MP4Atom* AddAtom(const char* parentName, const char* childName);
void UpdateDurations(MP4Duration duration);
MP4Duration ToMovieDuration(MP4Duration trackDuration);
void UpdateModificationTimes();
void WriteChunkBuffer();
void CalculateBytesPerSample();
void FinishSdtp();
MP4File& m_File;
MP4Atom& m_trakAtom; // moov.trak[]
MP4TrackId m_trackId; // moov.trak[].tkhd.trackId
MP4StringProperty* m_pTypeProperty; // moov.trak[].mdia.hdlr.handlerType
uint32_t m_lastStsdIndex;
File* m_lastSampleFile;
// for efficient construction of hint track packets
MP4SampleId m_cachedReadSampleId;
uint8_t* m_pCachedReadSample;
uint32_t m_cachedReadSampleSize;
// for writing
MP4SampleId m_writeSampleId;
MP4Duration m_fixedSampleDuration;
uint8_t* m_pChunkBuffer;
uint32_t m_chunkBufferSize; // Actual size of our chunk buffer.
uint32_t m_sizeOfDataInChunkBuffer; // Size of the data in the chunk buffer.
uint32_t m_chunkSamples;
MP4Duration m_chunkDuration;
// controls for chunking
uint32_t m_samplesPerChunk;
MP4Duration m_durationPerChunk;
uint32_t m_bytesPerSample;
// controls for AMR chunking
int m_isAmr;
uint8_t m_curMode;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pTimeScaleProperty;
MP4IntegerProperty* m_pTrackDurationProperty; // 32 or 64 bits
MP4IntegerProperty* m_pMediaDurationProperty; // 32 or 64 bits
MP4IntegerProperty* m_pTrackModificationProperty; // 32 or 64 bits
MP4IntegerProperty* m_pMediaModificationProperty; // 32 or 64 bits
MP4Integer32Property* m_pStszFixedSampleSizeProperty;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pStszSampleCountProperty;
void SampleSizePropertyAddValue(uint32_t bytes);
uint8_t m_stsz_sample_bits;
bool m_have_stz2_4bit_sample;
uint8_t m_stz2_4bit_sample_value;
MP4IntegerProperty* m_pStszSampleSizeProperty;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pStscCountProperty;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pStscFirstChunkProperty;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pStscSamplesPerChunkProperty;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pStscSampleDescrIndexProperty;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pStscFirstSampleProperty;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pChunkCountProperty;
MP4IntegerProperty* m_pChunkOffsetProperty; // 32 or 64 bits
MP4Integer32Property* m_pSttsCountProperty;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pSttsSampleCountProperty;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pSttsSampleDeltaProperty;
// for improve sequental timestamp index access
uint32_t m_cachedSttsIndex;
MP4SampleId m_cachedSttsSid;
MP4Timestamp m_cachedSttsElapsed;
uint32_t m_cachedCttsIndex;
MP4SampleId m_cachedCttsSid;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pCttsCountProperty;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pCttsSampleCountProperty;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pCttsSampleOffsetProperty;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pStssCountProperty;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pStssSampleProperty;
MP4Integer32Property* m_pElstCountProperty;
MP4IntegerProperty* m_pElstMediaTimeProperty; // 32 or 64 bits
MP4IntegerProperty* m_pElstDurationProperty; // 32 or 64 bits
MP4Integer16Property* m_pElstRateProperty;
MP4Integer16Property* m_pElstReservedProperty;
string m_sdtpLog; // records frame types for H264 samples
MP4ARRAY_DECL(MP4Track, MP4Track*);
}} // namespace mp4v2::impl
#endif // MP4V2_IMPL_MP4TRACK_H