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* OpenVPN -- An application to securely tunnel IP networks
* over a single UDP port, with support for SSL/TLS-based
* session authentication and key exchange,
* packet encryption, packet authentication, and
* packet compression.
* Copyright (C) 2002-2018 OpenVPN Inc <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2
* as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
* with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
* 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.
* 2004-01-28: Added Socks5 proxy support
* (Christof Meerwald,
#ifndef OPTIONS_H
#define OPTIONS_H
#include "basic.h"
#include "common.h"
#include "mtu.h"
#include "route.h"
#include "tun.h"
#include "socket.h"
#include "plugin.h"
#include "manage.h"
#include "proxy.h"
#include "comp.h"
#include "pushlist.h"
#include "clinat.h"
#include "crypto_backend.h"
* Maximum number of parameters associated with an option,
* including the option name itself.
#define MAX_PARMS 16
* Max size of options line and parameter.
#define OPTION_PARM_SIZE 256
#define OPTION_LINE_SIZE 256
extern const char title_string[];
#if P2MP
/* certain options are saved before --pull modifications are applied */
struct options_pre_pull
bool tuntap_options_defined;
struct tuntap_options tuntap_options;
bool routes_defined;
struct route_option_list *routes;
bool routes_ipv6_defined;
struct route_ipv6_option_list *routes_ipv6;
bool client_nat_defined;
struct client_nat_option_list *client_nat;
int foreign_option_index;
#error "At least one of OpenSSL or mbed TLS needs to be defined."
struct connection_entry
int proto;
sa_family_t af;
const char *local_port;
bool local_port_defined;
const char *remote_port;
const char *local;
const char *remote;
bool remote_float;
bool bind_defined;
bool bind_ipv6_only;
bool bind_local;
int connect_retry_seconds;
int connect_retry_seconds_max;
int connect_timeout;
struct http_proxy_options *http_proxy_options;
const char *socks_proxy_server;
const char *socks_proxy_port;
const char *socks_proxy_authfile;
int tun_mtu; /* MTU of tun device */
bool tun_mtu_defined; /* true if user overriding parm with command line option */
int tun_mtu_extra;
bool tun_mtu_extra_defined;
int link_mtu; /* MTU of device over which tunnel packets pass via TCP/UDP */
bool link_mtu_defined; /* true if user overriding parm with command line option */
/* Advanced MTU negotiation and datagram fragmentation options */
int mtu_discover_type; /* used if OS supports setting Path MTU discovery options on socket */
int fragment; /* internal fragmentation size */
int mssfix; /* Upper bound on TCP MSS */
bool mssfix_default; /* true if --mssfix was supplied without a parameter */
int explicit_exit_notification; /* Explicitly tell peer when we are exiting via OCC_EXIT or [RESTART] message */
#define CE_DISABLED (1<<0)
#define CE_MAN_QUERY_PROXY (1<<1)
unsigned int flags;
struct remote_entry
const char *remote;
const char *remote_port;
int proto;
sa_family_t af;
struct connection_list
int len;
int current;
struct connection_entry *array[CONNECTION_LIST_SIZE];
struct remote_list
int len;
struct remote_entry *array[CONNECTION_LIST_SIZE];
struct remote_host_store
#define RH_HOST_LEN 80
char host[RH_HOST_LEN];
#define RH_PORT_LEN 20
char port[RH_PORT_LEN];
/* Command line options */
struct options
struct gc_arena gc;
bool gc_owned;
/* first config file */
const char *config;
/* major mode */
#define MODE_SERVER 1
int mode;
/* enable forward compatibility for post-2.1 features */
bool forward_compatible;
/* list of options that should be ignored even if unknown */
const char **ignore_unknown_option;
/* persist parms */
bool persist_config;
int persist_mode;
const char *key_pass_file;
bool show_ciphers;
bool show_digests;
bool show_engines;
bool show_tls_ciphers;
bool show_curves;
bool genkey;
/* Networking parms */
int connect_retry_max;
struct connection_entry ce;
struct connection_list *connection_list;
struct remote_list *remote_list;
/* Do not advanced the connection or remote addr list*/
bool no_advance;
/* Counts the number of unsuccessful connection attempts */
unsigned int unsuccessful_attempts;
struct http_proxy_options *http_proxy_override;
struct remote_host_store *rh_store;
bool remote_random;
const char *ipchange;
const char *dev;
const char *dev_type;
const char *dev_node;
const char *lladdr;
int topology; /* one of the TOP_x values from proto.h */
const char *ifconfig_local;
const char *ifconfig_remote_netmask;
const char *ifconfig_ipv6_local;
int ifconfig_ipv6_netbits;
const char *ifconfig_ipv6_remote;
bool ifconfig_noexec;
bool ifconfig_nowarn;
int shaper;
int proto_force;
bool mtu_test;
char *memstats_fn;
bool mlock;
int keepalive_ping; /* a proxy for ping/ping-restart */
int keepalive_timeout;
int inactivity_timeout; /* --inactive */
int inactivity_minimum_bytes;
int ping_send_timeout; /* Send a TCP/UDP ping to remote every n seconds */
int ping_rec_timeout; /* Expect a TCP/UDP ping from remote at least once every n seconds */
bool ping_timer_remote; /* Run ping timer only if we have a remote address */
#define PING_UNDEF 0
#define PING_EXIT 1
#define PING_RESTART 2
int ping_rec_timeout_action; /* What action to take on ping_rec_timeout (exit or restart)? */
bool persist_tun; /* Don't close/reopen TUN/TAP dev on SIGUSR1 or PING_RESTART */
bool persist_local_ip; /* Don't re-resolve local address on SIGUSR1 or PING_RESTART */
bool persist_remote_ip; /* Don't re-resolve remote address on SIGUSR1 or PING_RESTART */
bool persist_key; /* Don't re-read key files on SIGUSR1 or PING_RESTART */
bool passtos;
int resolve_retry_seconds; /* If hostname resolve fails, retry for n seconds */
bool resolve_in_advance;
const char *ip_remote_hint;
struct tuntap_options tuntap_options;
/* Misc parms */
const char *username;
const char *groupname;
const char *chroot_dir;
const char *cd_dir;
char *selinux_context;
const char *writepid;
const char *up_script;
const char *down_script;
bool user_script_used;
bool down_pre;
bool up_delay;
bool up_restart;
bool daemon;
int remap_sigusr1;
/* inetd modes defined in socket.h */
int inetd;
bool log;
bool suppress_timestamps;
bool machine_readable_output;
int nice;
int verbosity;
int mute;
int gremlin;
const char *status_file;
int status_file_version;
int status_file_update_freq;
/* optimize TUN/TAP/UDP writes */
bool fast_io;
#ifdef USE_COMP
struct compress_options comp;
/* buffer sizes */
int rcvbuf;
int sndbuf;
/* mark value */
int mark;
/* socket flags */
unsigned int sockflags;
/* route management */
const char *route_script;
const char *route_predown_script;
const char *route_default_gateway;
int route_default_metric;
bool route_noexec;
int route_delay;
int route_delay_window;
bool route_delay_defined;
struct route_option_list *routes;
struct route_ipv6_option_list *routes_ipv6; /* IPv6 */
bool route_nopull;
bool route_gateway_via_dhcp;
bool allow_pull_fqdn; /* as a client, allow server to push a FQDN for certain parameters */
struct client_nat_option_list *client_nat;
/* Enable options consistency check between peers */
bool occ;
const char *management_addr;
const char *management_port;
const char *management_user_pass;
int management_log_history_cache;
int management_echo_buffer_size;
int management_state_buffer_size;
const char *management_write_peer_info_file;
const char *management_client_user;
const char *management_client_group;
/* Mask of MF_ values of manage.h */
unsigned int management_flags;
const char *management_certificate;
struct plugin_option_list *plugin_list;
#if P2MP
/* the tmp dir is for now only used in the P2P server context */
const char *tmp_dir;
bool server_defined;
in_addr_t server_network;
in_addr_t server_netmask;
bool server_ipv6_defined; /* IPv6 */
struct in6_addr server_network_ipv6; /* IPv6 */
unsigned int server_netbits_ipv6; /* IPv6 */
#define SF_NOPOOL (1<<0)
#define SF_TCP_NODELAY_HELPER (1<<1)
unsigned int server_flags;
bool server_bridge_proxy_dhcp;
bool server_bridge_defined;
in_addr_t server_bridge_ip;
in_addr_t server_bridge_netmask;
in_addr_t server_bridge_pool_start;
in_addr_t server_bridge_pool_end;
struct push_list push_list;
bool ifconfig_pool_defined;
in_addr_t ifconfig_pool_start;
in_addr_t ifconfig_pool_end;
in_addr_t ifconfig_pool_netmask;
const char *ifconfig_pool_persist_filename;
int ifconfig_pool_persist_refresh_freq;
bool ifconfig_ipv6_pool_defined; /* IPv6 */
struct in6_addr ifconfig_ipv6_pool_base; /* IPv6 */
int ifconfig_ipv6_pool_netbits; /* IPv6 */
int real_hash_size;
int virtual_hash_size;
const char *client_connect_script;
const char *client_disconnect_script;
const char *learn_address_script;
const char *client_config_dir;
bool ccd_exclusive;
bool disable;
int n_bcast_buf;
int tcp_queue_limit;
struct iroute *iroutes;
struct iroute_ipv6 *iroutes_ipv6; /* IPv6 */
bool push_ifconfig_defined;
in_addr_t push_ifconfig_local;
in_addr_t push_ifconfig_remote_netmask;
in_addr_t push_ifconfig_local_alias;
bool push_ifconfig_constraint_defined;
in_addr_t push_ifconfig_constraint_network;
in_addr_t push_ifconfig_constraint_netmask;
bool push_ifconfig_ipv6_defined; /* IPv6 */
struct in6_addr push_ifconfig_ipv6_local; /* IPv6 */
int push_ifconfig_ipv6_netbits; /* IPv6 */
struct in6_addr push_ifconfig_ipv6_remote; /* IPv6 */
bool push_ifconfig_ipv6_blocked; /* IPv6 */
bool enable_c2c;
bool duplicate_cn;
int cf_max;
int cf_per;
int max_clients;
int max_routes_per_client;
int stale_routes_check_interval;
int stale_routes_ageing_time;
const char *auth_user_pass_verify_script;
bool auth_user_pass_verify_script_via_file;
bool auth_token_generate;
unsigned int auth_token_lifetime;
char *port_share_host;
char *port_share_port;
const char *port_share_journal_dir;
#endif /* if P2MP_SERVER */
bool client;
bool pull; /* client pull of config options from server */
int push_continuation;
unsigned int push_option_types_found;
const char *auth_user_pass_file;
struct options_pre_pull *pre_pull;
int scheduled_exit_interval;
struct static_challenge_info sc_info;
#endif /* if P2MP */
/* Cipher parms */
const char *shared_secret_file;
const char *shared_secret_file_inline;
int key_direction;
const char *ciphername;
bool ncp_enabled;
const char *ncp_ciphers;
const char *authname;
int keysize;
const char *prng_hash;
int prng_nonce_secret_len;
const char *engine;
bool replay;
bool mute_replay_warnings;
int replay_window;
int replay_time;
const char *packet_id_file;
bool use_iv;
bool test_crypto;
bool use_prediction_resistance;
/* TLS (control channel) parms */
bool tls_server;
bool tls_client;
const char *ca_file;
const char *ca_path;
const char *dh_file;
const char *cert_file;
const char *extra_certs_file;
const char *priv_key_file;
const char *pkcs12_file;
const char *cipher_list;
const char *cipher_list_tls13;
const char *tls_cert_profile;
const char *ecdh_curve;
const char *tls_verify;
int verify_x509_type;
const char *verify_x509_name;
const char *tls_export_cert;
const char *crl_file;
const char *ca_file_inline;
const char *cert_file_inline;
const char *extra_certs_file_inline;
const char *crl_file_inline;
char *priv_key_file_inline;
const char *dh_file_inline;
const char *pkcs12_file_inline; /* contains the base64 encoding of pkcs12 file */
int ns_cert_type; /* set to 0, NS_CERT_CHECK_SERVER, or NS_CERT_CHECK_CLIENT */
unsigned remote_cert_ku[MAX_PARMS];
const char *remote_cert_eku;
uint8_t *verify_hash;
hash_algo_type verify_hash_algo;
unsigned int ssl_flags; /* set to SSLF_x flags from ssl.h */
#ifdef ENABLE_PKCS11
const char *pkcs11_providers[MAX_PARMS];
unsigned pkcs11_private_mode[MAX_PARMS];
bool pkcs11_protected_authentication[MAX_PARMS];
bool pkcs11_cert_private[MAX_PARMS];
int pkcs11_pin_cache_period;
const char *pkcs11_id;
bool pkcs11_id_management;
const char *cryptoapi_cert;
/* data channel key exchange method */
int key_method;
/* Per-packet timeout on control channel */
int tls_timeout;
/* Data channel key renegotiation parameters */
int renegotiate_bytes;
int renegotiate_packets;
int renegotiate_seconds;
/* Data channel key handshake must finalize
* within n seconds of handshake initiation. */
int handshake_window;
/* Field used to be the username in X509 cert. */
char *x509_username_field;
/* Old key allowed to live n seconds after new key goes active */
int transition_window;
/* Shared secret used for TLS control channel authentication */
const char *tls_auth_file;
const char *tls_auth_file_inline;
/* Shared secret used for TLS control channel authenticated encryption */
const char *tls_crypt_file;
const char *tls_crypt_inline;
/* Allow only one session */
bool single_session;
bool push_peer_info;
bool tls_exit;
#endif /* ENABLE_CRYPTO */
const struct x509_track *x509_track;
/* special state parms */
int foreign_option_index;
#ifdef _WIN32
HANDLE msg_channel;
const char *exit_event_name;
bool exit_event_initial_state;
bool show_net_up;
int route_method;
bool block_outside_dns;
bool use_peer_id;
uint32_t peer_id;
/* Keying Material Exporters [RFC 5705] */
const char *keying_material_exporter_label;
int keying_material_exporter_length;
struct pull_filter_list *pull_filter_list;
/* Useful when packets sent by openvpn itself are not subject
* to the routing tables that would move packets into the tunnel. */
bool allow_recursive_routing;
#define streq(x, y) (!strcmp((x), (y)))
* Option classes.
#define OPT_P_GENERAL (1<<0)
#define OPT_P_UP (1<<1)
#define OPT_P_ROUTE (1<<2)
#define OPT_P_IPWIN32 (1<<3)
#define OPT_P_SCRIPT (1<<4)
#define OPT_P_SETENV (1<<5)
#define OPT_P_SHAPER (1<<6)
#define OPT_P_TIMER (1<<7)
#define OPT_P_PERSIST (1<<8)
#define OPT_P_PERSIST_IP (1<<9)
#define OPT_P_COMP (1<<10) /* TODO */
#define OPT_P_MESSAGES (1<<11)
#define OPT_P_NCP (1<<12) /**< Negotiable crypto parameters */
#define OPT_P_TLS_PARMS (1<<13) /* TODO */
#define OPT_P_MTU (1<<14) /* TODO */
#define OPT_P_NICE (1<<15)
#define OPT_P_PUSH (1<<16)
#define OPT_P_INSTANCE (1<<17)
#define OPT_P_CONFIG (1<<18)
#define OPT_P_EXPLICIT_NOTIFY (1<<19)
#define OPT_P_ECHO (1<<20)
#define OPT_P_INHERIT (1<<21)
#define OPT_P_ROUTE_EXTRAS (1<<22)
#define OPT_P_PULL_MODE (1<<23)
#define OPT_P_PLUGIN (1<<24)
#define OPT_P_SOCKBUF (1<<25)
#define OPT_P_SOCKFLAGS (1<<26)
#define OPT_P_CONNECTION (1<<27)
#define OPT_P_PEER_ID (1<<28)
#if P2MP
#define PULL_DEFINED(opt) ((opt)->pull)
#define PUSH_DEFINED(opt) ((opt)->push_list)
#define PULL_DEFINED(opt) (false)
#define PUSH_DEFINED(opt) (false)
#ifdef _WIN32
#define ROUTE_OPTION_FLAGS(o) ((o)->route_method & ROUTE_METHOD_MASK)
#define ROUTE_OPTION_FLAGS(o) (0)
#define SHAPER_DEFINED(opt) ((opt)->shaper)
#define SHAPER_DEFINED(opt) (false)
#define PLUGIN_OPTION_LIST(opt) ((opt)->plugin_list)
#define MAN_CLIENT_AUTH_ENABLED(opt) ((opt)->management_flags & MF_CLIENT_AUTH)
#define MAN_CLIENT_AUTH_ENABLED(opt) (false)
void parse_argv(struct options *options,
const int argc,
char *argv[],
const int msglevel,
const unsigned int permission_mask,
unsigned int *option_types_found,
struct env_set *es);
void notnull(const char *arg, const char *description);
void usage_small(void);
void show_library_versions(const unsigned int flags);
#ifdef _WIN32
void show_windows_version(const unsigned int flags);
void init_options(struct options *o, const bool init_gc);
void uninit_options(struct options *o);
void setenv_settings(struct env_set *es, const struct options *o);
void show_settings(const struct options *o);
bool string_defined_equal(const char *s1, const char *s2);
const char *options_string_version(const char *s, struct gc_arena *gc);
char *options_string(const struct options *o,
const struct frame *frame,
struct tuntap *tt,
bool remote,
struct gc_arena *gc);
bool options_cmp_equal_safe(char *actual, const char *expected, size_t actual_n);
void options_warning_safe(char *actual, const char *expected, size_t actual_n);
bool options_cmp_equal(char *actual, const char *expected);
void options_warning(char *actual, const char *expected);
* Given an OpenVPN options string, extract the value of an option.
* @param options_string Zero-terminated, comma-separated options string
* @param opt_name The name of the option to extract
* @param gc The gc to allocate the return value
* @return gc-allocated value of option with name opt_name if option was found,
* or NULL otherwise.
char *options_string_extract_option(const char *options_string,
const char *opt_name, struct gc_arena *gc);
void options_postprocess(struct options *options);
void pre_pull_save(struct options *o);
void pre_pull_restore(struct options *o, struct gc_arena *gc);
bool apply_push_options(struct options *options,
struct buffer *buf,
unsigned int permission_mask,
unsigned int *option_types_found,
struct env_set *es);
void options_detach(struct options *o);
void options_server_import(struct options *o,
const char *filename,
int msglevel,
unsigned int permission_mask,
unsigned int *option_types_found,
struct env_set *es);
void pre_pull_default(struct options *o);
void rol_check_alloc(struct options *options);
int parse_line(const char *line,
char *p[],
const int n,
const char *file,
const int line_num,
int msglevel,
struct gc_arena *gc);
* parse/print topology coding
int parse_topology(const char *str, const int msglevel);
const char *print_topology(const int topology);
* Manage auth-retry variable
#if P2MP
#define AR_NONE 0
#define AR_INTERACT 1
int auth_retry_get(void);
bool auth_retry_set(const int msglevel, const char *option);
const char *auth_retry_print(void);
void options_string_import(struct options *options,
const char *config,
const int msglevel,
const unsigned int permission_mask,
unsigned int *option_types_found,
struct env_set *es);
#endif /* ifndef OPTIONS_H */