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* OpenVPN -- An application to securely tunnel IP networks
* over a single UDP port, with support for SSL/TLS-based
* session authentication and key exchange,
* packet encryption, packet authentication, and
* packet compression.
* Copyright (C) 2002-2018 OpenVPN Inc <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2
* as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
* with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
* 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.
#ifdef _WIN32
#ifndef OPENVPN_WIN32_H
#define OPENVPN_WIN32_H
#include "mtu.h"
/* location of executables */
#define SYS_PATH_ENV_VAR_NAME "SystemRoot" /* environmental variable name that normally contains the system path */
#define NETSH_PATH_SUFFIX "\\system32\\netsh.exe"
#define WIN_ROUTE_PATH_SUFFIX "\\system32\\route.exe"
#define WIN_IPCONFIG_PATH_SUFFIX "\\system32\\ipconfig.exe"
#define WIN_NET_PATH_SUFFIX "\\system32\\net.exe"
* Win32-specific OpenVPN code, targetted at the mingw
* development environment.
/* MSVC headers do not define this macro, so do it here */
#define IN6_ARE_ADDR_EQUAL(a,b) \
(memcmp((const void *)(a), (const void *)(b), sizeof(struct in6_addr)) == 0)
void init_win32(void);
void uninit_win32(void);
void set_pause_exit_win32(void);
struct security_attributes
#define HANDLE_DEFINED(h) ((h) != NULL && (h) != INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE)
* Save old window title.
struct window_title
bool saved;
char old_window_title [256];
struct rw_handle {
HANDLE read;
HANDLE write;
* Event-based notification of incoming TCP connections
#define NE32_PERSIST_EVENT (1<<0)
#define NE32_WRITE_EVENT (1<<1)
static inline bool
defined_net_event_win32(const struct rw_handle *event)
return event->read != NULL;
void init_net_event_win32(struct rw_handle *event, long network_events, socket_descriptor_t sd, unsigned int flags);
long reset_net_event_win32(struct rw_handle *event, socket_descriptor_t sd);
void close_net_event_win32(struct rw_handle *event, socket_descriptor_t sd, unsigned int flags);
* A stateful variant of the net_event_win32 functions above
struct net_event_win32
struct rw_handle handle;
socket_descriptor_t sd;
long event_mask;
void net_event_win32_init(struct net_event_win32 *ne);
void net_event_win32_start(struct net_event_win32 *ne, long network_events, socket_descriptor_t sd);
void net_event_win32_reset(struct net_event_win32 *ne);
void net_event_win32_reset_write(struct net_event_win32 *ne);
void net_event_win32_stop(struct net_event_win32 *ne);
void net_event_win32_close(struct net_event_win32 *ne);
static inline bool
net_event_win32_defined(const struct net_event_win32 *ne)
return defined_net_event_win32(&ne->handle);
static inline struct rw_handle *
net_event_win32_get_event(struct net_event_win32 *ne)
return &ne->handle;
static inline long
net_event_win32_get_event_mask(const struct net_event_win32 *ne)
return ne->event_mask;
static inline void
net_event_win32_clear_selected_events(struct net_event_win32 *ne, long selected_events)
ne->event_mask &= ~selected_events;
* Signal handling
struct win32_signal {
#define WSO_MODE_UNDEF 0
int mode;
struct rw_handle in;
DWORD console_mode_save;
bool console_mode_save_defined;
extern struct win32_signal win32_signal; /* static/global */
extern struct window_title window_title; /* static/global */
void win32_signal_clear(struct win32_signal *ws);
/* win32_signal_open startup type */
#define WSO_NOFORCE 0
void win32_signal_open(struct win32_signal *ws,
int force, /* set to WSO force parm */
const char *exit_event_name,
bool exit_event_initial_state);
void win32_signal_close(struct win32_signal *ws);
int win32_signal_get(struct win32_signal *ws);
void win32_pause(struct win32_signal *ws);
bool win32_service_interrupt(struct win32_signal *ws);
* Set the text on the window title bar
void window_title_clear(struct window_title *wt);
void window_title_save(struct window_title *wt);
void window_title_restore(const struct window_title *wt);
void window_title_generate(const char *title);
* We try to do all Win32 I/O using overlapped
* (i.e. asynchronous) I/O for a performance win.
struct overlapped_io {
#define IOSTATE_QUEUED 1 /* overlapped I/O has been queued */
#define IOSTATE_IMMEDIATE_RETURN 2 /* I/O function returned immediately without queueing */
int iostate;
OVERLAPPED overlapped;
DWORD size;
DWORD flags;
int status;
bool addr_defined;
union {
struct sockaddr_in addr;
struct sockaddr_in6 addr6;
int addrlen;
struct buffer buf_init;
struct buffer buf;
void overlapped_io_init(struct overlapped_io *o,
const struct frame *frame,
BOOL event_state,
bool tuntap_buffer);
void overlapped_io_close(struct overlapped_io *o);
static inline bool
overlapped_io_active(struct overlapped_io *o)
return o->iostate == IOSTATE_QUEUED || o->iostate == IOSTATE_IMMEDIATE_RETURN;
char *overlapped_io_state_ascii(const struct overlapped_io *o);
* Use to control access to resources that only one
* OpenVPN process on a given machine can access at
* a given time.
struct semaphore
const char *name;
bool locked;
HANDLE hand;
void semaphore_clear(struct semaphore *s);
void semaphore_open(struct semaphore *s, const char *name);
bool semaphore_lock(struct semaphore *s, int timeout_milliseconds);
void semaphore_release(struct semaphore *s);
void semaphore_close(struct semaphore *s);
* Special global semaphore used to protect network
* shell commands from simultaneous instantiation.
* It seems you can't run more than one instance
* of netsh on the same machine at the same time.
extern struct semaphore netcmd_semaphore;
void netcmd_semaphore_init(void);
void netcmd_semaphore_close(void);
void netcmd_semaphore_lock(void);
void netcmd_semaphore_release(void);
/* Set Win32 security attributes structure to allow all access */
bool init_security_attributes_allow_all(struct security_attributes *obj);
/* return true if filename is safe to be used on Windows */
bool win_safe_filename(const char *fn);
/* add constant environmental variables needed by Windows */
struct env_set;
/* get and set the current windows system path */
void set_win_sys_path(const char *newpath, struct env_set *es);
void set_win_sys_path_via_env(struct env_set *es);
char *get_win_sys_path(void);
/* call self in a subprocess */
void fork_to_self(const char *cmdline);
/* Find temporary directory */
const char *win_get_tempdir(void);
/* Convert a string from UTF-8 to UCS-2 */
WCHAR *wide_string(const char *utf8, struct gc_arena *gc);
bool win_wfp_block_dns(const NET_IFINDEX index, const HANDLE msg_channel);
bool win_wfp_uninit(const NET_IFINDEX index, const HANDLE msg_channel);
#define WIN_XP 0
#define WIN_VISTA 1
#define WIN_7 2
#define WIN_8 3
int win32_version_info(void);
* String representation of Windows version number and name, see
const char *win32_version_string(struct gc_arena *gc, bool add_name);
#endif /* ifndef OPENVPN_WIN32_H */
#endif /* ifdef _WIN32 */