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<varlistentry id='help'>
<listitem id='help-text'>
<para>Print a short help text and exit.
<varlistentry id='version'>
<listitem id='version-text'>
<para>Print a short version string and exit.</para>
<varlistentry id='no-pager'>
<para>Do not pipe output into a pager.</para>
<varlistentry id='no-ask-password'>
<listitem><para>Do not query the user for authentication for privileged operations.</para></listitem>
<varlistentry id='legend'>
<para>Enable or disable printing of the legend, i.e. column headers and the footer with hints. The
legend is printed by default, unless disabled with <option>--quiet</option> or similar.</para>
<varlistentry id='no-legend'>
<para>Do not print the legend, i.e. column headers and the
footer with hints.</para>
<varlistentry id='cat-config'>
<para>Copy the contents of config files to standard output.
Before each file, the filename is printed as a comment.</para>
<varlistentry id='json'>
<listitem><para>Shows output formatted as JSON. Expects one of <literal>short</literal> (for the
shortest possible output without any redundant whitespace or line breaks), <literal>pretty</literal>
(for a pretty version of the same, with indentation and line breaks) or <literal>off</literal> (to turn
off JSON output, the default).</para></listitem>
<varlistentry id='signal'>
<para>When used with <command>kill</command>, choose which signal to send to selected processes. Must
be one of the well-known signal specifiers such as <constant>SIGTERM</constant>,
<constant>SIGINT</constant> or <constant>SIGSTOP</constant>. If omitted, defaults to
<para>The special value <literal>help</literal> will list the known values and the program will exit
immediately, and the special value <literal>list</literal> will list known values along with the
numerical signal numbers and the program will exit immediately.</para>