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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-2.1-or-later */
#pragma once
#include <inttypes.h>
#include "sd-event.h"
#include "sd-journal.h"
#include "time-util.h"
typedef enum {
ENTRY_CURSOR = 0, /* Nothing actually written yet. */
ENTRY_NEW_FIELD, /* In between fields. */
ENTRY_TEXT_FIELD, /* In the middle of a text field. */
ENTRY_BINARY_FIELD_START, /* Writing the name of a binary field. */
ENTRY_BINARY_FIELD_SIZE, /* Writing the size of a binary field. */
ENTRY_BINARY_FIELD, /* In the middle of a binary field. */
ENTRY_OUTRO, /* Writing '\n' */
ENTRY_DONE, /* Need to move to a new field. */
} entry_state;
typedef struct Uploader {
sd_event *events;
sd_event_source *sigint_event, *sigterm_event;
char *url;
CURL *easy;
bool uploading;
char error[CURL_ERROR_SIZE];
struct curl_slist *header;
char *answer;
sd_event_source *input_event;
uint64_t timeout;
/* fd stuff */
int input;
/* journal stuff */
sd_journal* journal;
entry_state entry_state;
const void *field_data;
size_t field_pos, field_length;
/* general metrics */
const char *state_file;
size_t entries_sent;
char *last_cursor, *current_cursor;
usec_t watchdog_timestamp;
usec_t watchdog_usec;
} Uploader;
int start_upload(Uploader *u,
size_t (*input_callback)(void *ptr,
size_t size,
size_t nmemb,
void *userdata),
void *data);
int open_journal_for_upload(Uploader *u,
sd_journal *j,
const char *cursor,
bool after_cursor,
bool follow);
void close_journal_input(Uploader *u);
int check_journal_input(Uploader *u);