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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-2.1-or-later */
#pragma once
Copyright © 2013 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
#include <linux/if_packet.h>
#include <net/ethernet.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include "sd-dhcp-client.h"
#include "dhcp-protocol.h"
#include "log-link.h"
#include "socket-util.h"
typedef struct sd_dhcp_option {
unsigned n_ref;
uint8_t option;
void *data;
size_t length;
} sd_dhcp_option;
typedef struct DHCPServerData {
struct in_addr *addr;
size_t size;
} DHCPServerData;
extern const struct hash_ops dhcp_option_hash_ops;
typedef struct sd_dhcp_client sd_dhcp_client;
int dhcp_network_bind_raw_socket(int ifindex, union sockaddr_union *link, uint32_t xid,
const uint8_t *mac_addr, size_t mac_addr_len,
const uint8_t *bcast_addr, size_t bcast_addr_len,
uint16_t arp_type, uint16_t port);
int dhcp_network_bind_udp_socket(int ifindex, be32_t address, uint16_t port, int ip_service_type);
int dhcp_network_send_raw_socket(int s, const union sockaddr_union *link,
const void *packet, size_t len);
int dhcp_network_send_udp_socket(int s, be32_t address, uint16_t port,
const void *packet, size_t len);
int dhcp_option_append(DHCPMessage *message, size_t size, size_t *offset, uint8_t overload,
uint8_t code, size_t optlen, const void *optval);
int dhcp_option_find_option(uint8_t *options, size_t length, uint8_t wanted_code, size_t *ret_offset);
int dhcp_option_remove_option(uint8_t *options, size_t buflen, uint8_t option_code);
typedef int (*dhcp_option_callback_t)(uint8_t code, uint8_t len,
const void *option, void *userdata);
int dhcp_option_parse(DHCPMessage *message, size_t len, dhcp_option_callback_t cb, void *userdata, char **error_message);
int dhcp_message_init(DHCPMessage *message, uint8_t op, uint32_t xid,
uint8_t type, uint16_t arp_type, size_t optlen,
size_t *optoffset);
uint16_t dhcp_packet_checksum(uint8_t *buf, size_t len);
void dhcp_packet_append_ip_headers(DHCPPacket *packet, be32_t source_addr,
uint16_t source, be32_t destination_addr,
uint16_t destination, uint16_t len, int ip_service_type);
int dhcp_packet_verify_headers(DHCPPacket *packet, size_t len, bool checksum, uint16_t port);
void dhcp_client_set_test_mode(sd_dhcp_client *client, bool test_mode);
/* If we are invoking callbacks of a dhcp-client, ensure unreffing the
* client from the callback doesn't destroy the object we are working
* on */
#define DHCP_CLIENT_DONT_DESTROY(client) \
_cleanup_(sd_dhcp_client_unrefp) _unused_ sd_dhcp_client *_dont_destroy_##client = sd_dhcp_client_ref(client)
#define log_dhcp_client_errno(client, error, fmt, ...) \
log_interface_prefix_full_errno( \
"DHCPv4 client: ", \
sd_dhcp_client_get_ifname(client), \
error, fmt, ##__VA_ARGS__)
#define log_dhcp_client(client, fmt, ...) \
log_interface_prefix_full_errno_zerook( \
"DHCPv4 client: ", \
sd_dhcp_client_get_ifname(client), \
0, fmt, ##__VA_ARGS__)