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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-2.1-or-later */
#pragma once
#include <linux/netlink.h>
#include "sd-netlink.h"
#include "list.h"
#include "netlink-types.h"
#include "prioq.h"
#include "time-util.h"
#define RTNL_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT ((usec_t) (25 * USEC_PER_SEC))
#define RTNL_RQUEUE_MAX 64*1024
struct reply_callback {
sd_netlink_message_handler_t callback;
usec_t timeout;
uint32_t serial;
unsigned prioq_idx;
struct match_callback {
sd_netlink_message_handler_t callback;
uint16_t type;
LIST_FIELDS(struct match_callback, match_callbacks);
typedef enum NetlinkSlotType {
} NetlinkSlotType;
struct sd_netlink_slot {
unsigned n_ref;
NetlinkSlotType type:8;
bool floating;
sd_netlink *netlink;
void *userdata;
sd_netlink_destroy_t destroy_callback;
char *description;
LIST_FIELDS(sd_netlink_slot, slots);
union {
struct reply_callback reply_callback;
struct match_callback match_callback;
struct sd_netlink {
unsigned n_ref;
int fd;
union {
struct sockaddr sa;
struct sockaddr_nl nl;
} sockaddr;
int protocol;
Hashmap *broadcast_group_refs;
bool broadcast_group_dont_leave:1; /* until we can rely on 4.2 */
sd_netlink_message **rqueue;
unsigned rqueue_size;
sd_netlink_message **rqueue_partial;
unsigned rqueue_partial_size;
struct nlmsghdr *rbuffer;
bool processing:1;
uint32_t serial;
struct Prioq *reply_callbacks_prioq;
Hashmap *reply_callbacks;
LIST_HEAD(struct match_callback, match_callbacks);
LIST_HEAD(sd_netlink_slot, slots);
pid_t original_pid;
sd_event_source *io_event_source;
sd_event_source *time_event_source;
sd_event_source *exit_event_source;
sd_event *event;
Hashmap *genl_family_to_nlmsg_type;
Hashmap *nlmsg_type_to_genl_family;
struct netlink_attribute {
size_t offset; /* offset from hdr to attribute */
bool nested:1;
bool net_byteorder:1;
struct netlink_container {
const struct NLTypeSystem *type_system; /* the type system of the container */
size_t offset; /* offset from hdr to the start of the container */
struct netlink_attribute *attributes;
unsigned short n_attributes; /* number of attributes in container */
struct sd_netlink_message {
unsigned n_ref;
int protocol;
struct nlmsghdr *hdr;
struct netlink_container containers[RTNL_CONTAINER_DEPTH];
unsigned n_containers; /* number of containers */
bool sealed:1;
bool broadcast:1;
sd_netlink_message *next; /* next in a chain of multi-part messages */
int message_new(sd_netlink *rtnl, sd_netlink_message **ret, uint16_t type);
int message_new_empty(sd_netlink *rtnl, sd_netlink_message **ret);
int netlink_open_family(sd_netlink **ret, int family);
int socket_open(int family);
int systemd_socket_bind(sd_netlink *nl);
int socket_broadcast_group_ref(sd_netlink *nl, unsigned group);
int socket_broadcast_group_unref(sd_netlink *nl, unsigned group);
int socket_write_message(sd_netlink *nl, sd_netlink_message *m);
int socket_writev_message(sd_netlink *nl, sd_netlink_message **m, size_t msgcount);
int socket_read_message(sd_netlink *nl);
int rtnl_rqueue_make_room(sd_netlink *rtnl);
int rtnl_rqueue_partial_make_room(sd_netlink *rtnl);
/* Make sure callbacks don't destroy the rtnl connection */
#define NETLINK_DONT_DESTROY(rtnl) \
_cleanup_(sd_netlink_unrefp) _unused_ sd_netlink *_dont_destroy_##rtnl = sd_netlink_ref(rtnl)