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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-2.1-or-later */
#pragma once
#include "sd-event.h"
#include "ordered-set.h"
#include "socket-util.h"
typedef struct DnsServer DnsServer;
typedef struct DnsStream DnsStream;
typedef struct DnsTransaction DnsTransaction;
typedef struct Manager Manager;
typedef struct DnsStubListenerExtra DnsStubListenerExtra;
#include "resolved-dns-packet.h"
#include "resolved-dnstls.h"
typedef enum DnsStreamType {
DNS_STREAM_LOOKUP, /* Outgoing connection to a classic DNS server */
DNS_STREAM_LLMNR_SEND, /* Outgoing LLMNR TCP lookup */
DNS_STREAM_LLMNR_RECV, /* Incoming LLMNR TCP lookup */
DNS_STREAM_STUB, /* Incoming DNS stub connection */
} DnsStreamType;
/* Streams are used by three subsystems:
* 1. The normal transaction logic when doing a DNS or LLMNR lookup via TCP
* 2. The LLMNR logic when accepting a TCP-based lookup
* 3. The DNS stub logic when accepting a TCP-based lookup
struct DnsStream {
Manager *manager;
unsigned n_ref;
DnsStreamType type;
DnsProtocol protocol;
int fd;
union sockaddr_union peer;
socklen_t peer_salen;
union sockaddr_union local;
socklen_t local_salen;
int ifindex;
uint32_t ttl;
bool identified;
/* only when using TCP fast open */
union sockaddr_union tfo_address;
socklen_t tfo_salen;
DnsTlsStreamData dnstls_data;
int dnstls_events;
sd_event_source *io_event_source;
sd_event_source *timeout_event_source;
be16_t write_size, read_size;
DnsPacket *write_packet, *read_packet;
size_t n_written, n_read;
OrderedSet *write_queue;
int (*on_packet)(DnsStream *s);
int (*complete)(DnsStream *s, int error);
LIST_HEAD(DnsTransaction, transactions); /* when used by the transaction logic */
DnsServer *server; /* when used by the transaction logic */
Set *queries; /* when used by the DNS stub logic */
/* used when DNS-over-TLS is enabled */
bool encrypted:1;
DnsStubListenerExtra *stub_listener_extra;
LIST_FIELDS(DnsStream, streams);
int dns_stream_new(Manager *m, DnsStream **s, DnsStreamType type, DnsProtocol protocol, int fd, const union sockaddr_union *tfo_address);
int dns_stream_connect_tls(DnsStream *s, void *tls_session);
DnsStream *dns_stream_unref(DnsStream *s);
DnsStream *dns_stream_ref(DnsStream *s);
DEFINE_TRIVIAL_CLEANUP_FUNC(DnsStream*, dns_stream_unref);
int dns_stream_write_packet(DnsStream *s, DnsPacket *p);
ssize_t dns_stream_writev(DnsStream *s, const struct iovec *iov, size_t iovcnt, int flags);
static inline bool DNS_STREAM_QUEUED(DnsStream *s) {
if (s->fd < 0) /* already stopped? */
return false;
return !!s->write_packet;
DnsPacket *dns_stream_take_read_packet(DnsStream *s);
void dns_stream_detach(DnsStream *s);