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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-2.1-or-later */
#pragma once
#include "hashmap.h"
typedef struct DnsZone {
Hashmap *by_key;
Hashmap *by_name;
} DnsZone;
typedef struct DnsZoneItem DnsZoneItem;
typedef enum DnsZoneItemState DnsZoneItemState;
#include "resolved-dns-answer.h"
#include "resolved-dns-question.h"
#include "resolved-dns-rr.h"
#include "resolved-dns-transaction.h"
/* RFC 4795 Section 2.8. suggests a TTL of 30s by default */
#define LLMNR_DEFAULT_TTL (30)
/* RFC 6762 Section 10. suggests a TTL of 120s by default */
#define MDNS_DEFAULT_TTL (120)
enum DnsZoneItemState {
struct DnsZoneItem {
DnsScope *scope;
DnsResourceRecord *rr;
DnsZoneItemState state;
unsigned block_ready;
bool probing_enabled;
LIST_FIELDS(DnsZoneItem, by_key);
LIST_FIELDS(DnsZoneItem, by_name);
DnsTransaction *probe_transaction;
void dns_zone_flush(DnsZone *z);
int dns_zone_put(DnsZone *z, DnsScope *s, DnsResourceRecord *rr, bool probe);
DnsZoneItem* dns_zone_get(DnsZone *z, DnsResourceRecord *rr);
void dns_zone_remove_rr(DnsZone *z, DnsResourceRecord *rr);
int dns_zone_remove_rrs_by_key(DnsZone *z, DnsResourceKey *key);
int dns_zone_lookup(DnsZone *z, DnsResourceKey *key, int ifindex, DnsAnswer **answer, DnsAnswer **soa, bool *tentative);
void dns_zone_item_conflict(DnsZoneItem *i);
void dns_zone_item_notify(DnsZoneItem *i);
int dns_zone_check_conflicts(DnsZone *zone, DnsResourceRecord *rr);
int dns_zone_verify_conflicts(DnsZone *zone, DnsResourceKey *key);
void dns_zone_verify_all(DnsZone *zone);
void dns_zone_item_probe_stop(DnsZoneItem *i);
void dns_zone_dump(DnsZone *zone, FILE *f);
bool dns_zone_is_empty(DnsZone *zone);
bool dns_zone_contains_name(DnsZone *z, const char *name);