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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-2.1-or-later */
#include "alloc-util.h"
#include "device-util.h"
#include "errno-util.h"
#include "link-config.h"
#include "log.h"
#include "string-util.h"
#include "udev-builtin.h"
static LinkConfigContext *ctx = NULL;
static int builtin_net_setup_link(sd_device *dev, int argc, char **argv, bool test) {
_cleanup_free_ char *driver = NULL;
const char *name = NULL;
LinkConfig *link;
int r;
if (argc > 1)
return log_device_error_errno(dev, SYNTHETIC_ERRNO(EINVAL), "This program takes no arguments.");
r = link_get_driver(ctx, dev, &driver);
if (r < 0)
log_device_full_errno(dev, ERRNO_IS_NOT_SUPPORTED(r) || r == -ENODEV ? LOG_DEBUG : LOG_WARNING,
r, "Failed to query device driver: %m");
udev_builtin_add_property(dev, test, "ID_NET_DRIVER", driver);
r = link_config_get(ctx, dev, &link);
if (r < 0) {
if (r == -ENODEV)
return log_device_debug_errno(dev, r, "Link vanished while searching for configuration for it.");
if (r == -ENOENT) {
log_device_debug_errno(dev, r, "No matching link configuration found, ignoring device.");
return 0;
return log_device_error_errno(dev, r, "Failed to get link config: %m");
r = link_config_apply(ctx, link, dev, &name);
if (r == -ENODEV)
log_device_debug_errno(dev, r, "Link vanished while applying configuration, ignoring.");
else if (r < 0)
log_device_warning_errno(dev, r, "Could not apply link configuration, ignoring: %m");
udev_builtin_add_property(dev, test, "ID_NET_LINK_FILE", link->filename);
if (name)
udev_builtin_add_property(dev, test, "ID_NET_NAME", name);
return 0;
static int builtin_net_setup_link_init(void) {
int r;
if (ctx)
return 0;
r = link_config_ctx_new(&ctx);
if (r < 0)
return r;
r = link_config_load(ctx);
if (r < 0)
return r;
log_debug("Created link configuration context.");
return 0;
static void builtin_net_setup_link_exit(void) {
ctx = link_config_ctx_free(ctx);
log_debug("Unloaded link configuration context.");
static bool builtin_net_setup_link_validate(void) {
log_debug("Check if link configuration needs reloading.");
if (!ctx)
return false;
return link_config_should_reload(ctx);
const UdevBuiltin udev_builtin_net_setup_link = {
.name = "net_setup_link",
.cmd = builtin_net_setup_link,
.init = builtin_net_setup_link_init,
.exit = builtin_net_setup_link_exit,
.validate = builtin_net_setup_link_validate,
.help = "Configure network link",
.run_once = false,