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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+ */
* mux_am43xx.h
* Copyright (C) 2013 Texas Instruments Incorporated -
#ifndef _MUX_AM43XX_H_
#define _MUX_AM43XX_H_
#include <common.h>
#include <asm/io.h>
#define MUX_CFG(value, offset) \
__raw_writel(value, (CTRL_BASE + offset));
/* PAD Control Fields */
#define SLEWCTRL (0x1 << 19)
#define RXACTIVE (0x1 << 18)
#define PULLDOWN_EN (0x0 << 17) /* Pull Down Selection */
#define PULLUP_EN (0x1 << 17) /* Pull Up Selection */
#define PULLUDEN (0x0 << 16) /* Pull up/down enable */
#define PULLUDDIS (0x1 << 16) /* Pull up/down disable */
#define MODE(val) val /* used for Readability */
* Field names corresponds to the pad signal name
struct pad_signals {
int gpmc_ad0;
int gpmc_ad1;
int gpmc_ad2;
int gpmc_ad3;
int gpmc_ad4;
int gpmc_ad5;
int gpmc_ad6;
int gpmc_ad7;
int gpmc_ad8;
int gpmc_ad9;
int gpmc_ad10;
int gpmc_ad11;
int gpmc_ad12;
int gpmc_ad13;
int gpmc_ad14;
int gpmc_ad15;
int gpmc_a0;
int gpmc_a1;
int gpmc_a2;
int gpmc_a3;
int gpmc_a4;
int gpmc_a5;
int gpmc_a6;
int gpmc_a7;
int gpmc_a8;
int gpmc_a9;
int gpmc_a10;
int gpmc_a11;
int gpmc_wait0;
int gpmc_wpn;
int gpmc_be1n;
int gpmc_csn0;
int gpmc_csn1;
int gpmc_csn2;
int gpmc_csn3;
int gpmc_clk;
int gpmc_advn_ale;
int gpmc_oen_ren;
int gpmc_wen;
int gpmc_be0n_cle;
int lcd_data0;
int lcd_data1;
int lcd_data2;
int lcd_data3;
int lcd_data4;
int lcd_data5;
int lcd_data6;
int lcd_data7;
int lcd_data8;
int lcd_data9;
int lcd_data10;
int lcd_data11;
int lcd_data12;
int lcd_data13;
int lcd_data14;
int lcd_data15;
int lcd_vsync;
int lcd_hsync;
int lcd_pclk;
int lcd_ac_bias_en;
int mmc0_dat3;
int mmc0_dat2;
int mmc0_dat1;
int mmc0_dat0;
int mmc0_clk;
int mmc0_cmd;
int mii1_col;
int mii1_crs;
int mii1_rxerr;
int mii1_txen;
int mii1_rxdv;
int mii1_txd3;
int mii1_txd2;
int mii1_txd1;
int mii1_txd0;
int mii1_txclk;
int mii1_rxclk;
int mii1_rxd3;
int mii1_rxd2;
int mii1_rxd1;
int mii1_rxd0;
int rmii1_refclk;
int mdio_data;
int mdio_clk;
int spi0_sclk;
int spi0_d0;
int spi0_d1;
int spi0_cs0;
int spi0_cs1;
int ecap0_in_pwm0_out;
int uart0_ctsn;
int uart0_rtsn;
int uart0_rxd;
int uart0_txd;
int uart1_ctsn;
int uart1_rtsn;
int uart1_rxd;
int uart1_txd;
int i2c0_sda;
int i2c0_scl;
int mcasp0_aclkx;
int mcasp0_fsx;
int mcasp0_axr0;
int mcasp0_ahclkr;
int mcasp0_aclkr;
int mcasp0_fsr;
int mcasp0_axr1;
int mcasp0_ahclkx;
int cam0_hd;
int cam0_vd;
int cam0_field;
int cam0_wen;
int cam0_pclk;
int cam0_data8;
int cam0_data9;
int cam1_data9;
int cam1_data8;
int cam1_hd;
int cam1_vd;
int cam1_pclk;
int cam1_field;
int cam1_wen;
int cam1_data0;
int cam1_data1;
int cam1_data2;
int cam1_data3;
int cam1_data4;
int cam1_data5;
int cam1_data6;
int cam1_data7;
int cam0_data0;
int cam0_data1;
int cam0_data2;
int cam0_data3;
int cam0_data4;
int cam0_data5;
int cam0_data6;
int cam0_data7;
int uart3_rxd;
int uart3_txd;
int uart3_ctsn;
int uart3_rtsn;
int gpio5_8;
int gpio5_9;
int gpio5_10;
int gpio5_11;
int gpio5_12;
int gpio5_13;
int spi4_sclk;
int spi4_d0;
int spi4_d1;
int spi4_cs0;
int spi2_sclk;
int spi2_d0;
int spi2_d1;
int spi2_cs0;
int xdma_evt_intr0;
int xdma_evt_intr1;
int clkreq;
int nresetin_out;
int rsvd1;
int nnmi;
int rsvd2;
int rsvd3;
int tms;
int tdi;
int tdo;
int tck;
int ntrst;
int emu0;
int emu1;
int osc1_in;
int osc1_out;
int rtc_porz;
int ext_wakeup0;
int pmic_power_en0;
int usb0_drvvbus;
int usb1_drvvbus;
#endif /* _MUX_AM43XX_H_ */