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Marvell U-Boot Build Instructions
This document describes how to compile the U-Boot and how to change U-Boot configuration
Build Procedure
1. Install required packages:
# sudo apt-get install libssl-dev
# sudo apt-get install device-tree-compiler
# sudo apt-get install swig libpython-dev
2. Set the cross compiler:
# export CROSS_COMPILE=/path/to/toolchain/aarch64-marvell-linux-gnu-
3. Clean-up old residuals:
# make mrproper
4. Configure the U-Boot:
# make <defconfig_file>
- For the Armada-70x0/80x0 DB board use "mvebu_db_armada8k_defconfig"
- For the Armada-80x0 MacchiatoBin use "make mvebu_mcbin-88f8040_defconfig"
- For the Armada-3700 DB board use "make mvebu_db-88f3720_defconfig"
- For the Armada-3700 EsspressoBin use "make mvebu_espressobin-88f3720_defconfig"
5. Configure the device-tree and build the U-Boot image:
Compile u-boot and set the required device-tree using:
# make DEVICE_TREE=<name>
Compilation with "mvebu_db_armada8k_defconfig" requires explicitly exporting DEVICE_TREE
for the requested board.
By default, u-boot is compiled with armada-8040-db device-tree.
Using A80x0 device-tree on A70x0 might break the device.
In order to prevent this, the required device-tree MUST be set during compilation.
All device-tree files are located in ./arch/arm/dts/ folder.
The u-boot.bin should not be used as a stand-alone image.
The ARM Trusted Firmware (ATF) build process uses this image to generate the
flash image.
Configuration update
To update the U-Boot configuration, please refer to doc/README.kconfig