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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
# Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium OS Authors.
from __future__ import print_function
import itertools
import os
import get_maintainer
import gitutil
import settings
import terminal
# Series-xxx tags that we understand
valid_series = ['to', 'cc', 'version', 'changes', 'prefix', 'notes', 'name',
'cover_cc', 'process_log']
class Series(dict):
"""Holds information about a patch series, including all tags.
cc: List of aliases/emails to Cc all patches to
commits: List of Commit objects, one for each patch
cover: List of lines in the cover letter
notes: List of lines in the notes
changes: (dict) List of changes for each version, The key is
the integer version number
allow_overwrite: Allow tags to overwrite an existing tag
def __init__(self): = [] = []
self.cover_cc = []
self.commits = []
self.cover = None
self.notes = []
self.changes = {}
self.allow_overwrite = False
# Written in MakeCcFile()
# key: name of patch file
# value: list of email addresses
self._generated_cc = {}
# These make us more like a dictionary
def __setattr__(self, name, value):
self[name] = value
def __getattr__(self, name):
return self[name]
def AddTag(self, commit, line, name, value):
"""Add a new Series-xxx tag along with its value.
line: Source line containing tag (useful for debug/error messages)
name: Tag name (part after 'Series-')
value: Tag value (part after 'Series-xxx: ')
# If we already have it, then add to our list
name = name.replace('-', '_')
if name in self and not self.allow_overwrite:
values = value.split(',')
values = [str.strip() for str in values]
if type(self[name]) != type([]):
raise ValueError("In %s: line '%s': Cannot add another value "
"'%s' to series '%s'" %
(commit.hash, line, values, self[name]))
self[name] += values
# Otherwise just set the value
elif name in valid_series:
if name=="notes":
self[name] = [value]
self[name] = value
raise ValueError("In %s: line '%s': Unknown 'Series-%s': valid "
"options are %s" % (commit.hash, line, name,
', '.join(valid_series)))
def AddCommit(self, commit):
"""Add a commit into our list of commits
We create a list of tags in the commit subject also.
commit: Commit object to add
def ShowActions(self, args, cmd, process_tags):
"""Show what actions we will/would perform
args: List of patch files we created
cmd: The git command we would have run
process_tags: Process tags as if they were aliases
to_set = set(gitutil.BuildEmailList(;
cc_set = set(gitutil.BuildEmailList(;
col = terminal.Color()
print('Dry run, so not doing much. But I would do this:')
print('Send a total of %d patch%s with %scover letter.' % (
len(args), '' if len(args) == 1 else 'es',
self.get('cover') and 'a ' or 'no '))
# TODO: Colour the patches according to whether they passed checks
for upto in range(len(args)):
commit = self.commits[upto]
print(col.Color(col.GREEN, ' %s' % args[upto]))
cc_list = list(self._generated_cc[commit.patch])
for email in set(cc_list) - to_set - cc_set:
if email == None:
email = col.Color(col.YELLOW, "<alias '%s' not found>"
% tag)
if email:
print(' Cc: ', email)
for item in to_set:
print('To:\t ', item)
for item in cc_set - to_set:
print('Cc:\t ', item)
print('Version: ', self.get('version'))
print('Prefix:\t ', self.get('prefix'))
if self.cover:
print('Cover: %d lines' % len(self.cover))
cover_cc = gitutil.BuildEmailList(self.get('cover_cc', ''))
all_ccs = itertools.chain(cover_cc, *self._generated_cc.values())
for email in set(all_ccs) - to_set - cc_set:
print(' Cc: ', email)
if cmd:
print('Git command: %s' % cmd)
def MakeChangeLog(self, commit):
"""Create a list of changes for each version.
The change log as a list of strings, one per line
Changes in v4:
- Jog the dial back closer to the widget
Changes in v3: None
Changes in v2:
- Fix the widget
- Jog the dial
final = []
process_it = self.get('process_log', '').split(',')
process_it = [item.strip() for item in process_it]
need_blank = False
for change in sorted(self.changes, reverse=True):
out = []
for this_commit, text in self.changes[change]:
if commit and this_commit != commit:
if 'uniq' not in process_it or text not in out:
line = 'Changes in v%d:' % change
have_changes = len(out) > 0
if 'sort' in process_it:
out = sorted(out)
if have_changes:
out.insert(0, line)
out = [line + ' None']
if need_blank:
out.insert(0, '')
final += out
need_blank = have_changes
if self.changes:
return final
def DoChecks(self):
"""Check that each version has a change log
Print an error if something is wrong.
col = terminal.Color()
if self.get('version'):
changes_copy = dict(self.changes)
for version in range(1, int(self.version) + 1):
if self.changes.get(version):
del changes_copy[version]
if version > 1:
str = 'Change log missing for v%d' % version
print(col.Color(col.RED, str))
for version in changes_copy:
str = 'Change log for unknown version v%d' % version
print(col.Color(col.RED, str))
elif self.changes:
str = 'Change log exists, but no version is set'
print(col.Color(col.RED, str))
def MakeCcFile(self, process_tags, cover_fname, raise_on_error,
"""Make a cc file for us to use for per-commit Cc automation
Also stores in self._generated_cc to make ShowActions() faster.
process_tags: Process tags as if they were aliases
cover_fname: If non-None the name of the cover letter.
raise_on_error: True to raise an error when an alias fails to match,
False to just print a message.
add_maintainers: Either:
True/False to call the get_maintainers to CC maintainers
List of maintainers to include (for testing)
Filename of temp file created
col = terminal.Color()
# Look for commit tags (of the form 'xxx:' at the start of the subject)
fname = '/tmp/patman.%d' % os.getpid()
fd = open(fname, 'w')
all_ccs = []
for commit in self.commits:
cc = []
if process_tags:
cc += gitutil.BuildEmailList(commit.tags,
cc += gitutil.BuildEmailList(commit.cc_list,
if type(add_maintainers) == type(cc):
cc += add_maintainers
elif add_maintainers:
cc += get_maintainer.GetMaintainer(commit.patch)
for x in set(cc) & set(settings.bounces):
print(col.Color(col.YELLOW, 'Skipping "%s"' % x))
cc = set(cc) - set(settings.bounces)
cc = [m.encode('utf-8') if type(m) != str else m for m in cc]
all_ccs += cc
print(commit.patch, ', '.join(set(cc)), file=fd)
self._generated_cc[commit.patch] = cc
if cover_fname:
cover_cc = gitutil.BuildEmailList(self.get('cover_cc', ''))
cover_cc = [m.encode('utf-8') if type(m) != str else m
for m in cover_cc]
cc_list = ', '.join([x.decode('utf-8')
for x in set(cover_cc + all_ccs)])
print(cover_fname, cc_list.encode('utf-8'), file=fd)
return fname
def AddChange(self, version, commit, info):
"""Add a new change line to a version.
This will later appear in the change log.
version: version number to add change list to
info: change line for this version
if not self.changes.get(version):
self.changes[version] = []
self.changes[version].append([commit, info])
def GetPatchPrefix(self):
"""Get the patch version string
Patch string, like 'RFC PATCH v5' or just 'PATCH'
git_prefix = gitutil.GetDefaultSubjectPrefix()
if git_prefix:
git_prefix = '%s][' % git_prefix
git_prefix = ''
version = ''
if self.get('version'):
version = ' v%s' % self['version']
# Get patch name prefix
prefix = ''
if self.get('prefix'):
prefix = '%s ' % self['prefix']
return '%s%sPATCH%s' % (git_prefix, prefix, version)