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Freescale MPC837xE-RDB Board
1. Board Description
The MPC837xE-RDB are reference boards featuring the Freescale MPC8377E,
MPC8378E, and the MPC8379E processors in a Mini-ITX form factor.
The MPC837xE-RDB's have the following common features:
A) 256-MBytes on-board DDR2 unbuffered SDRAM
B) 8-Mbytes NOR Flash
C) 32-MBytes NAND Flash
D) 1 Secure Digital High Speed Card (SDHC) Interface
E) 1 Gigabit Ethernet
F) 5-port Ethernet switch (Vitesse 7385)
G) 1 32-bit, 3.3 V, PCI slot
H) 1 32-bit, 3.3 V, Mini-PCI slot
I) 4-port USB 2.0 Hub
J) 1-port OTG USB
K) 2 serial ports (top main console)
L) on board Oscillator: 66M
The MPC837xE-RDB's have the following differences:
SATA controllers 2 0 4
PCI-Express (mini) 2 2 0
SGMII Ports 0 2 0
2. Memory Map
2.1. The memory map should look pretty much like this:
Address Range Device Size Port Size
(Bytes) (Bits)
=========================== ================= ======= =========
0x0000_0000 0x0fff_ffff DDR 256M 64
0x1000_0000 0x7fff_ffff Empty 1.75G -
0x8000_0000 0x8fff_ffff PCI MEM prefetch 256M 32
0x9000_0000 0x9fff_ffff PCI MEM non-prefetch 256M 32
0xe030_0000 0xe03f_ffff PCI I/O space 1M 32
0xe000_0000 0xe00f_ffff Int Mem Reg Space 1M -
0xe060_0000 0xe060_7fff NAND Flash 32K 8
0xfe00_0000 0xfe7f_ffff NOR Flash on CS0 8M 16
3. Definitions
3.1 Explanation of NEW definitions in:
CONFIG_MPC83xx MPC83xx family for both MPC8349 and MPC8360
CONFIG_MPC837x MPC837x specific
CONFIG_MPC837XERDB MPC837xE-RDB board specific
4. Compilation
Assuming you're using BASH shell:
export CROSS_COMPILE=your-cross-compile-prefix
cd u-boot
make distclean
make MPC837XERDB_config
5. Downloading and Flashing Images
5.0 Download over serial line using Kermit:
loadb $loadaddr
[Drop to kermit:
send <u-boot-bin-image>
Or via tftp:
tftp $loadaddr u-boot.bin
5.1 Reflash U-boot Image using U-boot
tftp $loadaddr u-boot.bin
protect off fe000000 fe0fffff
erase fe000000 fe0fffff
cp.b $loadaddr fe000000 $filesize
6. Additional Notes:
1) The console is connected to the top RS-232 connector and the
baudrate for MPC837XE-RDB is 115200bps.