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* arch/arm/include/asm/arch-txl/timing.h
* Copyright (C) 2015 Amlogic, Inc. All rights reserved.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
* ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
* FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for
* more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
* with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
* 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
#ifndef __AML_TIMING_H_
#define __AML_TIMING_H_
struct ddr_set{
/* common and function defines */
unsigned char ddr_channel_set;
unsigned char ddr_type;
unsigned char ddr_2t_mode;
unsigned char ddr_full_test;
unsigned char ddr_size_detect;
unsigned char ddr_drv;
unsigned char ddr_odt;
unsigned char ddr_timing_ind;
unsigned short ddr_size; //define in header file
unsigned short ddr_clk;
unsigned int ddr_base_addr;
unsigned int ddr_start_offset;
unsigned int ddr_pll_ctrl;
unsigned int ddr_dmc_ctrl;
unsigned int ddr0_addrmap[5];
unsigned int ddr1_addrmap[5];
/* pub defines */
unsigned int t_pub_ptr[5]; //PUB PTR0-3
unsigned short t_pub_mr[8]; //PUB MR0-3
unsigned int t_pub_odtcr;
unsigned int t_pub_dtpr[8]; //PUB DTPR0-3
unsigned int t_pub_pgcr0; //PUB PGCR0
unsigned int t_pub_pgcr1; //PUB PGCR1
unsigned int t_pub_pgcr2; //PUB PGCR2
unsigned int t_pub_pgcr3; //PUB PGCR3
unsigned int t_pub_dxccr; //PUB DXCCR
unsigned int t_pub_dtcr0; //PUB DTCR
unsigned int t_pub_dtcr1; //PUB DTCR
unsigned int t_pub_aciocr[5]; //PUB ACIOCRx
unsigned int t_pub_dx0gcr[3]; //PUB DX0GCRx
unsigned int t_pub_dx1gcr[3]; //PUB DX1GCRx
unsigned int t_pub_dx2gcr[3]; //PUB DX2GCRx
unsigned int t_pub_dx3gcr[3]; //PUB DX3GCRx
unsigned int t_pub_dcr; //PUB DCR
unsigned int t_pub_dtar;
unsigned int t_pub_dsgcr; //PUB DSGCR
unsigned int t_pub_zq0pr; //PUB ZQ0PR
unsigned int t_pub_zq1pr; //PUB ZQ1PR
unsigned int t_pub_zq2pr; //PUB ZQ2PR
unsigned int t_pub_zq3pr; //PUB ZQ3PR
unsigned int t_pub_vtcr1;
/* pctl0 defines */
unsigned short t_pctl0_1us_pck; //PCTL TOGCNT1U
unsigned short t_pctl0_100ns_pck; //PCTL TOGCNT100N
unsigned short t_pctl0_init_us; //PCTL TINIT
unsigned short t_pctl0_rsth_us; //PCTL TRSTH
unsigned int t_pctl0_mcfg; //PCTL MCFG
unsigned int t_pctl0_mcfg1; //PCTL MCFG1
unsigned short t_pctl0_scfg; //PCTL SCFG
unsigned short t_pctl0_sctl; //PCTL SCTL
unsigned int t_pctl0_ppcfg;
unsigned short t_pctl0_dfistcfg0;
unsigned short t_pctl0_dfistcfg1;
unsigned short t_pctl0_dfitctrldelay;
unsigned short t_pctl0_dfitphywrdata;
unsigned short t_pctl0_dfitphywrlta;
unsigned short t_pctl0_dfitrddataen;
unsigned short t_pctl0_dfitphyrdlat;
unsigned short t_pctl0_dfitdramclkdis;
unsigned short t_pctl0_dfitdramclken;
unsigned short t_pctl0_dfitphyupdtype0;
unsigned short t_pctl0_dfitphyupdtype1;
unsigned short t_pctl0_dfitctrlupdmin;
unsigned short t_pctl0_dfitctrlupdmax; //TODO - check 16/32
unsigned short t_pctl0_dfiupdcfg; //TODO - check 16/32
unsigned short t_pctl0_cmdtstaten;
unsigned short t_ddr_align;
unsigned int t_pctl0_dfiodtcfg;
unsigned int t_pctl0_dfiodtcfg1;
unsigned int t_pctl0_dfilpcfg0;
//PUB CLK fine tune
unsigned int t_pub_acbdlr0; //2015.09.21 CK0 delay for different board PCB design
unsigned int t_pub_aclcdlr;
/* ddr functions */
unsigned int ddr_func;
/* dqs correction */
unsigned char wr_adj_per[6];
unsigned char rd_adj_per[6];
/* aligned */
/* 2016.04.12 update */
unsigned short ddr4_clk; //2016.05.13 add
unsigned char ddr4_drv; //2016.05.13 add
unsigned char ddr4_odt; //2016.05.13 add
/* 2016.05.24 update */
unsigned int t_pub_acbdlr3;
/* 2016.07.07 update */
unsigned short t_pub_soc_vref_dram_vref;
unsigned short t_rsv_short_1;
/* 2017.07.27 add rank1 dqs calibration */
unsigned char wr_adj_per_rank1[6];
unsigned char rd_adj_per_rank1[6];
}__attribute__ ((packed));
struct ddr_timing{
unsigned char identifier; //refer ddr.h
unsigned char cfg_ddr_rtp;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_wtr;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_rp;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_rcd;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_ras;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_rrd;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_rc;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_mrd;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_mod;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_faw;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_wlmrd;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_wlo;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_xp;
unsigned short cfg_ddr_rfc;
unsigned short cfg_ddr_xs;
unsigned short cfg_ddr_dllk;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_cke;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_rtodt;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_rtw;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_refi;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_refi_mddr3;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_cl;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_wr;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_cwl;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_al;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_dqs;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_cksre;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_cksrx;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_zqcs;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_xpdll;
unsigned short cfg_ddr_exsr;
unsigned short cfg_ddr_zqcl;
unsigned short cfg_ddr_zqcsi;
/* aligned */
/* 2016.04.12 update */
unsigned char cfg_ddr_tccdl;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_tdqsck;
unsigned char cfg_ddr_tdqsckmax;
unsigned char rsv_char;
/* reserved */
unsigned int rsv_int;
}__attribute__ ((packed));
typedef struct ddr_set ddr_set_t;
typedef struct ddr_timing ddr_timing_t;
struct pll_set{
unsigned short cpu_clk;
unsigned short pxp;
unsigned int spi_ctrl;
unsigned short vddee;
unsigned short vcck;
unsigned char szPad[4];
unsigned long lCustomerID;
unsigned short debug_mode;
unsigned short ddr_clk_debug;
unsigned short cpu_clk_debug;
unsigned short rsv_s1;
/* 2016.12.06, add ddr pll setting interface */
unsigned int ddr_pll_set[6];
/* align */
unsigned long rsv_l5;
}__attribute__ ((packed));
typedef struct pll_set pll_set_t;
#endif //__AML_TIMING_H_