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* arch/arm/include/asm/arch-txl/usb.h
* Copyright (C) 2015 Amlogic, Inc. All rights reserved.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
* ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
* FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for
* more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
* with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
* 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
#include <common.h>
#include <asm/types.h>
#include <asm/arch/io.h>
#define USB_PHY_PORT_A (0x40000)
#define USB_PHY_PORT_B (0xc0000)
#define USB_PHY_PORT_C (0x100000)
#define USB_PHY_PORT_D (0x140000)
#define USB_PHY_PORT_MSK (0x1f0000) */
#define USB_PHY_PORT_A 0x000000
#define USB_PHY_PORT_B 0x100000
#define USB_PHY_PORT_C 0x200000
#define USB_PHY_PORT_D 0x300000
#define USB_PHY_PORT_MSK 0x300000
#define USB_PHY_PORT_MAX 2
#define PREI_USB_PHY_REG_A 0xc0000000
#define PREI_USB_PHY_REG_B 0xc0000020
//#define PREI_USB_PHY_REG_C 0x2210
//#define PREI_USB_PHY_REG_D 0x2218
typedef struct usb_peri_reg {
volatile uint32_t config;
volatile uint32_t ctrl;
volatile uint32_t endp_intr;
volatile uint32_t adp_bc;
volatile uint32_t dbg_uart;
volatile uint32_t test;
volatile uint32_t tune;
volatile uint32_t reserved;
} usb_peri_reg_t;
typedef union usb_config_data {
/** raw register data */
uint32_t d32;
/** register bits */
struct {
unsigned clk_en:1;
unsigned clk_sel:3;
unsigned clk_div:7;
unsigned reserved0:4;
unsigned clk_32k_alt_sel:1;
unsigned reserved1:15;
unsigned test_trig:1;
} b;
} usb_config_data_t;
typedef union usb_ctrl_data {
/** raw register data */
uint32_t d32;
/** register bits */
struct {
unsigned soft_prst:1;
unsigned soft_hreset:1;
unsigned ss_scaledown_mode:2;
unsigned clk_det_rst:1;
unsigned intr_sel:1;
unsigned reserved:2;
unsigned clk_detected:1;
unsigned sof_sent_rcvd_tgl:1;
unsigned sof_toggle_out:1;
unsigned not_used:4;
unsigned por:1;
unsigned sleepm:1;
unsigned txbitstuffennh:1;
unsigned txbitstuffenn:1;
unsigned commononn:1;
unsigned refclksel:2;
unsigned fsel:3;
unsigned portreset:1;
unsigned thread_id:6;
} b;
} usb_ctrl_data_t;
typedef union usb_endp_intr_data {
/** raw register data */
uint32_t d32;
/** register bits */
struct {
unsigned int0:1;
unsigned int1:1;
unsigned int2:1;
unsigned int3:1;
unsigned int4:1;
unsigned int5:1;
unsigned int6:1;
unsigned int7:1;
unsigned int8:1;
unsigned int9:1;
unsigned int10:1;
unsigned int11:1;
unsigned int12:1;
unsigned int13:1;
unsigned int14:1;
unsigned int15:1;
unsigned int16:1;
unsigned int17:1;
unsigned int18:1;
unsigned int19:1;
unsigned int20:1;
unsigned int21:1;
unsigned int22:1;
unsigned int23:1;
unsigned int24:1;
unsigned int25:1;
unsigned int26:1;
unsigned int27:1;
unsigned int28:1;
unsigned int29:1;
unsigned int30:1;
unsigned int31:1;
} b;
} usb_endp_intr_data_t;
typedef union usb_adp_bc_data {
/** raw register data */
uint32_t d32;
/** register bits */
struct {
unsigned vbusvldextsel:1;
unsigned vbusvldext:1;
unsigned otgdisable:1;
unsigned idpullup:1;
unsigned drvvbus:1;
unsigned adp_prb_en:1;
unsigned adp_dischrg:1;
unsigned adp_chrg:1;
unsigned sessend:1;
unsigned device_sess_vld:1;
unsigned bvalid:1;
unsigned avalid:1;
unsigned iddig:1;
unsigned vbusvalid:1;
unsigned adp_probe:1;
unsigned adp_sense:1;
unsigned aca_enable:1;
unsigned dcd_enable:1;
unsigned vdatdetenb:1;
unsigned vdatsrcenb:1;
unsigned chrgsel:1;
unsigned chg_det:1;
unsigned aca_pin_range_c:1;
unsigned aca_pin_range_b:1;
unsigned aca_pin_range_a:1;
unsigned aca_pin_gnd:1;
unsigned aca_pin_float:1;
unsigned not_used:5;
} b;
} usb_adp_bc_data_t;
typedef union usb_dbg_uart_data {
/** raw register data */
uint32_t d32;
/** register bits */
struct {
unsigned bypass_sel:1;
unsigned bypass_dm_en:1;
unsigned bypass_dp_en:1;
unsigned bypass_dm_data:1;
unsigned bypass_dp_data:1;
unsigned fsv_minus:1;
unsigned fsv_plus:1;
unsigned burn_in_test:1;
unsigned loopbackenb:1;
unsigned set_iddq:1;
unsigned ate_reset:1;
unsigned reserved:4;
unsigned not_used:17;
} b;
} usb_dbg_uart_data_t;
typedef union phy_test_data {
/** raw register data */
uint32_t d32;
/** register bits */
struct {
unsigned data_in:4;
unsigned data_in_en:4;
unsigned addr:4;
unsigned data_out_sel:1;
unsigned clk:1;
unsigned vatestenb:2;
unsigned data_out:4;
unsigned not_used:12;
} b;
} phy_test_data_t;
typedef union phy_tune_data {
/** raw register data */
uint32_t d32;
/** register bits */
struct {
unsigned tx_res_tune:2;
unsigned tx_hsxv_tune:2;
unsigned tx_vref_tune:4;
unsigned tx_rise_tune:2;
unsigned tx_preemp_pulse_tune:1;
unsigned tx_preemp_amp_tune:2;
unsigned tx_fsls_tune:4;
unsigned sqrx_tune:3;
unsigned otg_tune:3;
unsigned comp_dis_tune:3;
unsigned not_used:6;
} b;
} phy_tune_data_t;
* Clock source index must sync with chip's spec
* M1/M2/M3/M6/M8 are different!
* This is only for M8
#define USB_PHY_A_INTR_BIT (1 << 30)
#define USB_PHY_B_INTR_BIT (1 << 31)
/* usb id mode, only after M2
mode = 0 : HARDWARE
mode = 1 : SW_HOST
mode = 2 : SW_DEVICE
#define USB_ID_MODE_SW_HOST (2)
typedef struct amlogic_usb_config{
/* clock info */
int clk_selecter; // usb USB_PHY_CLOCK_SEL_xxx
int pll_divider; // when other/ddr/demod pll used, fill this
/* controller */
unsigned int base_addr;
/* role */
int id_mode; // only used after M2
/* vbus call back */
void (* set_vbus_power)(char is_power_on);
/* battery charging detect call back */
int(* battery_charging_det_cb)(char bc_mode);
#define BC_MODE_SDP 1 /* Standard Downstream Port */
#define BC_MODE_DCP 2 /* Dedicated Charging Port */
#define BC_MODE_CDP 3 /* Charging Downstream Port */
amlogic_usb_config_t * board_usb_start(int mode,int index);
int board_usb_stop(int mode,int index);
void board_usb_init(amlogic_usb_config_t * usb_cfg,int mode);
int get_usb_count(void);