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* Copyright (C) 2012 Renesas Solutions Corp.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
* version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston,
* MA 02110-1301, USA.
#ifndef __ASM_ARCH_R8A7740_H
#define __ASM_ARCH_R8A7740_H
* R8A7740 I/O Addresses
#define MERAM_BASE 0xE5580000
#define DDRP_BASE 0xC12A0000
#define HPB_BASE 0xE6000000
#define RWDT0_BASE 0xE6020000
#define RWDT1_BASE 0xE6030000
#define GPIO_BASE 0xE6050000
#define CMT1_BASE 0xE6138000
#define CPG_BASE 0xE6150000
#define SYSC_BASE 0xE6180000
#define SDHI0_BASE 0xE6850000
#define SDHI1_BASE 0xE6860000
#define MMCIF_BASE 0xE6BD0000
#define SCIF5_BASE 0xE6CB0000
#define SCIF6_BASE 0xE6CC0000
#define DBSC_BASE 0xFE400000
#define BSC_BASE 0xFEC10000
#define I2C0_BASE 0xFFF20000
#define I2C1_BASE 0xE6C20000
#define TMU_BASE 0xFFF80000
#ifndef __ASSEMBLY__
#include <asm/types.h>
/* RWDT */
struct r8a7740_rwdt {
u16 rwtcnt0; /* 0x00 */
u16 dummy0; /* 0x02 */
u16 rwtcsra0; /* 0x04 */
u16 dummy1; /* 0x06 */
u16 rwtcsrb0; /* 0x08 */
u16 dummy2; /* 0x0A */
/* HPB Semaphore Control Registers */
struct r8a7740_hpb {
u32 hpbctrl0;
u32 hpbctrl1;
u32 hpbctrl2;
u32 cccr;
u32 dummy0; /* 0x20 */
u32 hpbctrl4;
u32 hpbctrl5;
/* CPG */
struct r8a7740_cpg {
u32 frqcra;
u32 frqcrb;
u32 vclkcr1;
u32 vclkcr2;
u32 fmsickcr;
u32 fmsockcr;
u32 fsiackcr;
u32 dummy0; /* 0x1c */
u32 rtstbcr;
u32 systbcr;
u32 pllc01cr;
u32 pllc2cr;
u32 mstpsr0;
u32 dummy1; /* 0x34 */
u32 mstpsr1;
u32 mstpsr5;
u32 mstpsr2;
u32 dummy2; /* 0x44 */
u32 mstpsr3;
u32 mstpsr4;
u32 dummy3; /* 0x50 */
u32 astat;
u32 dummy4[4]; /* 0x58 .. 0x64 */
u32 ztrckcr;
u32 dummy5[5]; /* 0x6c .. 0x7c */
u32 subckcr;
u32 spuckcr;
u32 vouckcr;
u32 usbckcr;
u32 dummy6[3]; /* 0x90 .. 0x98 */
u32 stprckcr;
u32 srcr0;
u32 dummy7; /* 0xa4 */
u32 srcr1;
u32 dummy8; /* 0xac */
u32 srcr2;
u32 dummy9; /* 0xb4 */
u32 srcr3;
u32 srcr4;
u32 dummy10; /* 0xc0 */
u32 srcr5;
u32 pllc01stpcr;
u32 dummy11[5]; /* 0xcc .. 0xdc */
u32 frqcrc;
u32 frqcrd;
u32 dummy12[10]; /* 0xe8 .. 0x10c */
u32 rmstpcr0;
u32 rmstpcr1;
u32 rmstpcr2;
u32 rmstpcr3;
u32 rmstpcr4;
u32 rmstpcr5;
u32 dummy13[2]; /* 0x128 .. 0x12c */
u32 smstpcr0;
u32 smstpcr1;
u32 smstpcr2;
u32 smstpcr3;
u32 smstpcr4;
u32 smstpcr5;
/* BSC */
struct r8a7740_bsc {
u32 cmncr;
u32 cs0bcr;
u32 cs2bcr;
u32 dummy0; /* 0x0c */
u32 cs4bcr;
u32 cs5abcr;
u32 cs5bbcr;
u32 cs6abcr;
u32 dummy1; /* 0x20 */
u32 cs0wcr;
u32 cs2wcr;
u32 dummy2; /* 0x2c */
u32 cs4wcr;
u32 cs5awcr;
u32 cs5bwcr;
u32 cs6awcr;
u32 dummy3[5]; /* 0x40 .. 0x50 */
u32 rbwtcnt;
u32 busycr;
u32 dummy4[5]; /* 0x5c .. 0x6c */
u32 bromtimcr;
u32 dummy5[7]; /* 0x74 .. 0x8c */
u32 bptcr00;
u32 bptcr01;
u32 bptcr02;
u32 bptcr03;
u32 bptcr04;
u32 bptcr05;
u32 bptcr06;
u32 bptcr07;
u32 bptcr08;
u32 bptcr09;
u32 bptcr10;
u32 bptcr11;
u32 bptcr12;
u32 bptcr13;
u32 bptcr14;
u32 bptcr15;
u32 bptcr16;
u32 bptcr17;
u32 bptcr18;
u32 bptcr19;
u32 bptcr20;
u32 bptcr21;
u32 bptcr22;
u32 bptcr23;
u32 bptcr24;
u32 bptcr25;
u32 bptcr26;
u32 bptcr27;
u32 bptcr28;
u32 bptcr29;
u32 bptcr30;
u32 bptcr31;
u32 bswcr;
u32 dummy6[68]; /* 0x114 .. 0x220 */
u32 cs0wcr2;
u32 cs2wcr2;
u32 dummy7; /* 0x22c */
u32 cs4wcr2;
#define CS0WCR2 0xFEC10224
#define CS2WCR2 0xFEC10228
#define CS4WCR2 0xFEC10230
/* DDRP */
struct r8a7740_ddrp {
u32 funcctrl;
u32 dllctrl;
u32 zqcalctrl;
u32 zqodtctrl;
u32 rdctrl;
u32 rdtmg;
u32 fifoinit;
u32 outctrl;
u32 dummy0[50]; /* 0x20 .. 0xe4 */
u32 dqcalofs1;
u32 dqcalofs2;
u32 dummy1[2]; /* 0xf0 .. 0xf4 */
u32 dqcalexp;
#define DDRPNCNT 0xE605803C
#define DDRVREFCNT 0xE61500EC
/* DBSC */
struct r8a7740_dbsc {
u32 dummy0;
u32 dbsvcr;
u32 dbstate0;
u32 dbstate1;
u32 dbacen;
u32 dbrfen;
u32 dbcmd;
u32 dbwait;
u32 dbkind;
u32 dbconf0;
u32 dummy1[2]; /* 0x28 .. 0x2c */
u32 dbphytype;
u32 dummy2[3]; /* 0x34 .. 0x3c */
u32 dbtr0;
u32 dbtr1;
u32 dbtr2;
u32 dummy3; /* 0x4c */
u32 dbtr3;
u32 dbtr4;
u32 dbtr5;
u32 dbtr6;
u32 dbtr7;
u32 dbtr8;
u32 dbtr9;
u32 dbtr10;
u32 dbtr11;
u32 dbtr12;
u32 dbtr13;
u32 dbtr14;
u32 dbtr15;
u32 dbtr16;
u32 dbtr17;
u32 dbtr18;
u32 dbtr19;
u32 dummy4[7]; /* 0x94 .. 0xac */
u32 dbbl;
u32 dummy5[3]; /* 0xb4 .. 0xbc */
u32 dbadj0;
u32 dbadj1;
u32 dbadj2;
u32 dummy6[5]; /* 0xcc .. 0xdc */
u32 dbrfcnf0;
u32 dbrfcnf1;
u32 dbrfcnf2;
u32 dbrfcnf3;
u32 dummy7; /* 0xf0 */
u32 dbcalcnf;
u32 dbcaltr;
u32 dummy8; /* 0xfc */;
u32 dbrnk0;
u32 dummy9[31]; /* 0x104 .. 0x17C */
u32 dbpdncnf;
u32 dummy10[7]; /* 0x184 .. 0x19C */
u32 dbmrrdr;
u32 dummy11[39]; /* 0x1A4 .. 0x23C */
u32 dbdfistat;
u32 dbdficnt;
u32 dummy12[46]; /* 0x248 .. 0x2FC */
u32 dbbs0cnt0;
u32 dbbs0cnt1;
#endif /* __ASM_ARCH_R8A7740_H */