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* Copyright 2010-2011 Freescale Semiconductor
* Author: Timur Tabi <>
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
* This file provides support for the ngPIXIS, a board-specific FPGA used on
* some Freescale reference boards.
/* ngPIXIS register set. Hopefully, this won't change too much over time.
* Feel free to add board-specific #ifdefs where necessary.
typedef struct ngpixis {
u8 id;
u8 arch;
u8 scver;
u8 csr;
u8 rst;
u8 serclk;
u8 aux;
u8 spd;
u8 brdcfg0;
u8 brdcfg1; /* On some boards, this register is called 'dma' */
u8 addr;
u8 brdcfg2;
u8 gpiodir;
u8 data;
u8 led;
u8 tag;
u8 vctl;
u8 vstat;
u8 vcfgen0;
u8 res4;
u8 ocmcsr;
u8 ocmmsg;
u8 gmdbg;
u8 res5[2];
u8 sclk[3];
u8 dclk[3];
u8 watch;
struct {
u8 sw;
u8 en;
} s[9]; /* s[0]..s[7] is SW1..SW8, and s[8] is SW11 */
} __attribute__ ((packed)) ngpixis_t;
/* Pointer to the PIXIS register set */
#define pixis ((ngpixis_t *)PIXIS_BASE)
/* The PIXIS SW register that corresponds to board switch X, where x >= 1 */
#define PIXIS_SW(x) (pixis->s[(x) - 1].sw)
/* The PIXIS EN register that corresponds to board switch X, where x >= 1 */
#define PIXIS_EN(x) (pixis->s[(x) - 1].en)
u8 pixis_read(unsigned int reg);
void pixis_write(unsigned int reg, u8 value);
#define PIXIS_READ(reg) pixis_read(offsetof(ngpixis_t, reg))
#define PIXIS_WRITE(reg, value) pixis_write(offsetof(ngpixis_t, reg), value)