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* Copyright (C) 2011 Renesas Electronics Europe Ltd.
* Copyright (C) 2008 Renesas Solutions Corp.
* Copyright (C) 2008 Nobuhiro Iwamatsu
* Based on board/renesas/rsk7203/lowlevel_init.S
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
#include <config.h>
#include <version.h>
#include <asm/processor.h>
#include <asm/macro.h>
.global lowlevel_init
.align 2
/* Cache setting */
write32 CCR1_A ,CCR1_D
/* io_set_cpg */
write8 STBCR3_A, STBCR3_D
write8 STBCR4_A, STBCR4_D
write8 STBCR5_A, STBCR5_D
write8 STBCR6_A, STBCR6_D
write8 STBCR7_A, STBCR7_D
write8 STBCR8_A, STBCR8_D
/* ConfigurePortPins */
/* Leaving LED1 ON for sanity test */
write16 PJCR1_A, PJCR1_D1
write16 PJCR2_A, PJCR2_D
write16 PJIOR0_A, PJIOR0_D1
write16 PJDR0_A, PJDR0_D
write16 PJPR0_A, PJPR0_D
/* Configure EN_PIN & RS_PIN */
write16 PGCR2_A, PGCR2_D
write16 PGIOR0_A, PGIOR0_D
/* Configure the port pins connected to UART */
write16 PJCR1_A, PJCR1_D2
write16 PJIOR0_A, PJIOR0_D2
/* Configure Operating Frequency */
write16 WTCSR_A, WTCSR_D0
write16 WTCSR_A, WTCSR_D1
write16 WTCNT_A, WTCNT_D
/* Control of RESBANK */
write16 IBNR_A, IBNR_D
/* Enable SCIF3 module */
write16 STBCR4_A, STBCR4_D
/* Set clock mode*/
write16 FRQCR_A, FRQCR_D
/* Configure Bus And Memory */
write16 PCCR2_A, PCCR2_D
write16 PCCR1_A, PCCR1_D
write16 PCCR0_A, PCCR0_D
write16 PBCR0_A, PBCR0_D
write16 PBCR1_A, PBCR1_D
write16 PBCR2_A, PBCR2_D
write16 PBCR3_A, PBCR3_D
write16 PBCR4_A, PBCR4_D
write16 PBCR5_A, PBCR5_D
write16 PDCR0_A, PDCR0_D
write16 PDCR1_A, PDCR1_D
write16 PDCR2_A, PDCR2_D
write16 PDCR3_A, PDCR3_D
write32 CS0WCR_A, CS0WCR_D
write32 CS0BCR_A, CS0BCR_D
write16 PJCR0_A, PJCR0_D
write32 CS2WCR_A, CS2WCR_D
write32 CS3BCR_A, CS3BCR_D
write32 CS3WCR_A, CS3WCR_D
write32 SDCR_A, SDCR_D
write32 RTCOR_A, RTCOR_D
write32 RTCSR_A, RTCSR_D
/* wait 200us */
mov.l REPEAT_D, r3
mov #0, r2
add #1, r2
cmp/hs r3, r2
bf repeat0
mov.l SDRAM_MODE, r1
mov #0, r0
mov.l r0, @r1
.align 4
CCR1_A: .long CCR1
CCR1_D: .long 0x0000090B
FRQCR_A: .long 0xFFFE0010
FRQCR_D: .word 0x1003
.align 2
STBCR3_A: .long 0xFFFE0408
STBCR3_D: .long 0x00000002
STBCR4_A: .long 0xFFFE040C
STBCR4_D: .word 0x0000
.align 2
STBCR5_A: .long 0xFFFE0410
STBCR5_D: .long 0x00000010
STBCR6_A: .long 0xFFFE0414
STBCR6_D: .long 0x00000002
STBCR7_A: .long 0xFFFE0418
STBCR7_D: .long 0x0000002A
STBCR8_A: .long 0xFFFE041C
STBCR8_D: .long 0x0000007E
PJCR1_A: .long 0xFFFE390C
PJCR1_D1: .word 0x0000
PJCR1_D2: .word 0x0022
PJCR2_A: .long 0xFFFE390A
PJCR2_D: .word 0x0000
.align 2
PJIOR0_A: .long 0xFFFE3912
PJIOR0_D1: .word 0x0FC0
PJIOR0_D2: .word 0x0FE0
PJDR0_A: .long 0xFFFE3916
PJDR0_D: .word 0x0FBF
.align 2
PJPR0_A: .long 0xFFFE391A
PJPR0_D: .long 0x00000FBF
PGCR2_A: .long 0xFFFE38CA
PGCR2_D: .word 0x0000
.align 2
PGIOR0_A: .long 0xFFFE38D2
PGIOR0_D: .word 0x03F0
.align 2
WTCSR_A: .long 0xFFFE0000
WTCSR_D0: .word 0x0000
WTCSR_D1: .word 0x0000
WTCNT_A: .long 0xFFFE0002
WTCNT_D: .word 0x0000
.align 2
PCCR0_A: .long 0xFFFE384E
PDCR0_A: .long 0xFFFE386E
PDCR1_A: .long 0xFFFE386C
PDCR2_A: .long 0xFFFE386A
PDCR3_A: .long 0xFFFE3868
PBCR0_A: .long 0xFFFE382E
PBCR1_A: .long 0xFFFE382C
PBCR2_A: .long 0xFFFE382A
PBCR3_A: .long 0xFFFE3828
PBCR4_A: .long 0xFFFE3826
PBCR5_A: .long 0xFFFE3824
PCCR0_D: .word 0x1111
PDCR0_D: .word 0x1111
PDCR1_D: .word 0x1111
PDCR2_D: .word 0x1111
PDCR3_D: .word 0x1111
PBCR0_D: .word 0x1110
PBCR1_D: .word 0x1111
PBCR2_D: .word 0x1111
PBCR3_D: .word 0x1111
PBCR4_D: .word 0x1111
PBCR5_D: .word 0x0111
.align 2
CS0WCR_A: .long 0xFFFC0028
CS0WCR_D: .long 0x00000B41
CS0BCR_A: .long 0xFFFC0004
CS0BCR_D: .long 0x10000400
PJCR0_A: .long 0xFFFE390E
PJCR0_D: .word 0x3300
.align 2
CS2WCR_A: .long 0xFFFC0030
CS2WCR_D: .long 0x00000B01
PCCR2_A: .long 0xFFFE384A
PCCR2_D: .word 0x0001
.align 2
PCCR1_A: .long 0xFFFE384C
PCCR1_D: .word 0x1111
.align 2
CS3BCR_A: .long 0xFFFC0010
CS3BCR_D: .long 0x00004400
CS3WCR_A: .long 0xFFFC0034
CS3WCR_D: .long 0x0000288A
SDCR_A: .long 0xFFFC004C
SDCR_D: .long 0x00000812
RTCOR_A: .long 0xFFFC0058
RTCOR_D: .long 0xA55A0046
RTCSR_A: .long 0xFFFC0050
RTCSR_D: .long 0xA55A0010
IBNR_A: .long 0xFFFE080E
IBNR_D: .word 0x0000
.align 2
SDRAM_MODE: .long 0xFFFC5040
REPEAT_D: .long 0x00000085