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# This list is used by git-shortlog to fix a few botched name translations
# in the git archive, either because the author's full name was messed up
# and/or not always written the same way, making contributions from the
# same person appearing not to be so or badly displayed.
# This file can be modified by hand or updated by the following command:
# scripts/mailmapper > tmp; mv tmp .mailmap
Allen Martin <>
Andreas Bießmann <>
Aneesh V <>
Dirk Behme <>
Fabio Estevam <>
Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki <>
Markus Klotzbuecher <>
Prabhakar Kushwaha <>
Rajeshwari Shinde <>
Sandeep Paulraj <>
Shaohui Xie <>
Stefan Roese <stroese>
Stefano Babic <>
TsiChung Liew <>
Wolfgang Denk <wdenk>
York Sun <>
Łukasz Majewski <>