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Cleanup of AMCC eval boards (Walnut/Sycamore, Bubinga, Ebony, Ocotea)
Changes to all AMCC eval boards:
o Changed u-boot image size to 256 kBytes instead of 512 kBytes on most
o Use 115200 baud as default console baudrate.
o Added config option to use redundant environment in flash. This is also
the default setting. Option for environment in nvram is still available
for backward compatibility.
o Merged board specific flash drivers to common flash driver:
Sycamore/Walnut (one port supporting both eval boards):
o Cleanup to allow easier "cloning" for different (custom) boards:
o Moved EBC configuration from board specific asm-file "init.S"
using defines in board configuration file. No board specific
asm file needed anymore.
August 01 2005, Stefan Roese <>