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U-boot for arm64
No hardware platform of arm64 is available now. The u-boot is
simulated on Foundation Model and Fast Model for ARMv8.
1. Currenly, u-boot run at the highest exception level processor
supported and jump to EL2 or optionally EL1 before enter OS.
2. U-boot for arm64 is compiled with AArch64-gcc. AArch64-gcc
use rela relocation format, a tool(tools/relocate-rela) by Scott Wood
is used to encode the initial addend of rela to u-boot.bin. After running,
the u-boot will be relocated to destination again.
3. Fdt should be placed at a 2-megabyte boundary and within the first 512
megabytes from the start of the kernel image. So, fdt_high should be
defined specially.
Please reference linux/Documentation/arm64/booting.txt for detail.
4. Spin-table is used to wake up secondary processors. One location
(or per processor location) is defined to hold the kernel entry point
for secondary processors. It must be ensured that the location is
accessible and zero immediately after secondary processor
enter slave_cpu branch execution in start.S. The location address
is encoded in cpu node of DTS. Linux kernel store the entry point
of secondary processors to it and send event to wakeup secondary
Please reference linux/Documentation/arm64/booting.txt for detail.
5. Generic board is supported.
6. CONFIG_ARM64 instead of CONFIG_ARMV8 is used to distinguish aarch64 and
aarch32 specific codes.
Tom Rini <>
Scott Wood <>
York Sun <>
Simon Glass <>
Sharma Bhupesh <>
Rob Herring <>