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Booting from On-Chip ROM (eSDHC or eSPI)
boot_format is a tool to write SD bootable images to a filesystem and build
SD/SPI images to a binary file for writing later.
When booting from an SD card/MMC, boot_format puts the configuration file and
the RAM-based U-Boot image on the card.
When booting from an EEPROM, boot_format generates a binary image that is used
to boot from this EEPROM.
Where to get boot_format:
you can browse it online at:
Run the following to build this project
$ make
boot_format runs under a regular Linux machine and requires a super user mode
to run. Execute boot_format as follows.
For building SD images by writing directly to a file system on SD media:
$ boot_format $config u-boot.bin -sd $device
Where $config is the included config.dat file for your platform and $device
is the target block device for the SD media on your computer.
For build binary images directly a local file:
$ boot_format $config u-boot.bin -spi $file
Where $file is the target file. Also keep in mind the u-boot.bin file needs
to be the u-boot built for your particular platform and target media.
Example: To generate a u-boot.bin for a P1022DS booting from SD, run the
following in the u-boot repository:
$ make P1022DS_SDCARD
Configuration Files
Below are the configuration files to be used with a particular platform. Keep
in mind that some of these config files are tied to the platforms DDR speed.
Please see the SoC reference manual for more documentation.
P1022DS config_sram_p1022ds.dat
P2020DS config_sram_p2020ds.dat
P2010DS config_sram_p2020ds.dat
P1020RDB config_ddr2_1g_p1020rdb_533M.dat
P1020RDB config_ddr2_1g_p1020rdb_667M.dat
P2020RDB config_ddr2_1g_p2020rdb_800M.dat
P2020RDB config_ddr2_1g_p2020rdb_667M.dat
P2020RDB config_ddr3_1gb_64bit_p2020rdb_pc.dat
P2010RDB config_ddr3_1gb_64bit_p2020rdb_pc.dat
P1020RDB config_ddr3_1gb_p1_p2_rdb_pc_800M.dat
P1011RDB config_ddr3_1gb_p1_p2_rdb_pc_800M.dat
P1010RDB config_ddr3_1gb_p1010rdb_800M.dat
P1014RDB config_ddr3_1gb_p1014rdb_800M.dat
P1021RDB config_ddr3_1gb_p1_p2_rdb_pc_800M.dat
P1012RDB config_ddr3_1gb_p1_p2_rdb_pc_800M.dat
P1022DS config_ddr3_2gb_p1022ds.dat
P1013DS config_ddr3_2gb_p1022ds.dat
P1024RDB config_ddr3_1gb_p1_p2_rdb_pc_667M.dat
P1013RDB config_ddr3_1gb_p1_p2_rdb_pc_667M.dat
P1025RDB config_ddr3_1gb_p1_p2_rdb_pc_667M.dat
P1016RDB config_ddr3_1gb_p1_p2_rdb_pc_667M.dat
P1020UTM config_ddr3_1gb_p1_p2_rdb_pc_800M.dat
P1020MBG config_ddr3_1gb_p1_p2_rdb_pc_800M.dat
MPC8536DS config_ddr2_512m_mpc8536ds_667M.dat