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Status on SPI subsystem:
SPI COMMAND (common/cmd_sf, cmd_spi):
SPI FLASH (drivers/mtd/spi):
- sf_probe.c: SPI flash probing code.
- sf_ops.c: SPI flash operations code.
- sf.c: SPI flash interface, which interacts controller driver.
- Bank Address Register (Accessing flashes > 16Mbytes in 3-byte addressing)
- Added memory_mapped support for read operations.
- Common probe support for all supported flash vendors except, ramtron.
- Extended read commands support(dual read, dual IO read)
- Quad Page Program support.
- Quad Read support(quad fast read, quad IO read)
- Dual flash connection topology support(accessing two spi flash memories with single cs)
- Banking support on dual flash connection topology.
SPI DRIVERS (drivers/spi):
- Runtime detection of spi_flash params, SFDP(if possible)
- Add support for multibus build/accessing.
- Need proper cleanups on spi_flash and drivers.
Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki <>