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* \file aml_v2_burning.h
* \brief common interfaces for version burning
* \version 1.0.0
* \date 09/15/2013
* \author Sam.Wu <>
* Copyright (c) 2013 Amlogic. All Rights Reserved.
//is the uboot loaded from usb otg
int is_tpl_loaded_from_usb(void);
//is the uboot loaded from sdcard mmc 0
//note only sdmmc supported by romcode when external device boot
int is_tpl_loaded_from_ext_sdmmc(void);
//Check if uboot loaded from external sdmmc or usb otg
int aml_burn_check_uboot_loaded_for_burn(int flag);
int aml_burn_factory_producing(int flag, bd_t* bis);
//usb producing mode, if tpl loaded from usb pc tool and auto enter producing mode
int aml_try_factory_usb_burning(int flag, bd_t* bis);
//Auto enter sdcard burning if booted from sdcard and aml_sdc_burn.ini existed
int aml_try_factory_sdcard_burning(int flag, bd_t* bis);