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* Copyright (C) 1996-1999 SciTech Software, Inc.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
#ifndef _BIOS_EMUL_H
#define _BIOS_EMUL_H
/* Include the register header directly here */
#include "../drivers/bios_emulator/include/x86emu/regs.h"
#include <pci.h>
Data structure used to describe the details for the BIOS emulator system
environment as used by the X86 emulator library.
vgaInfo - VGA BIOS information structure
biosmem_base - Base of the BIOS image
biosmem_limit - Limit of the BIOS image
busmem_base - Base of the VGA bus memory
typedef struct {
int function;
int device;
int bus;
u32 VendorID;
u32 DeviceID;
pci_dev_t pcidev;
void *BIOSImage;
u32 BIOSImageLen;
u8 LowMem[1536];
} BE_VGAInfo;
struct vbe_mode_info;
int BootVideoCardBIOS(pci_dev_t pcidev, BE_VGAInfo **pVGAInfo, int cleanUp);
/* Run a BIOS ROM natively (only supported on x86 machines) */
void bios_run_on_x86(pci_dev_t pcidev, unsigned long addr, int vesa_mode,
struct vbe_mode_info *mode_info);
* bios_set_interrupt_handler() - Install an interrupt handler for the BIOS
* This installs an interrupt handler that the BIOS will call when needed.
* @intnum: Interrupt number to install a handler for
* @int_handler_func: Function to call to handle interrupt
void bios_set_interrupt_handler(int intnum, int (*int_handler_func)(void));
void biosemu_set_interrupt_handler(int intnum, int (*int_func)(void));
int biosemu_setup(pci_dev_t pcidev, BE_VGAInfo **pVGAInfo);
int biosemu_run(pci_dev_t pcidev, uchar *bios_rom, int bios_len,
BE_VGAInfo *vga_info, int clean_up, int vesa_mode,
struct vbe_mode_info *mode_info);