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* (C) Copyright 2010-2012
* NVIDIA Corporation <>
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
#ifndef _TEGRA20_COMMON_H_
#define _TEGRA20_COMMON_H_
#include "tegra-common.h"
/* Cortex-A9 uses a cache line size of 32 bytes */
* Errata configuration
#define CONFIG_ARM_ERRATA_716044
#define CONFIG_ARM_ERRATA_742230
#define CONFIG_ARM_ERRATA_751472
* NS16550 Configuration
#define V_NS16550_CLK 216000000 /* 216MHz (pllp_out0) */
/* Environment information, boards can override if required */
#define CONFIG_LOADADDR 0x00408000 /* def. location for kernel */
* Miscellaneous configurable options
#define CONFIG_SYS_LOAD_ADDR 0x00A00800 /* default */
#define CONFIG_STACKBASE 0x02800000 /* 40MB */
* Physical Memory Map
#define CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE 0x0010E000
* Memory layout for where various images get loaded by boot scripts:
* scriptaddr can be pretty much anywhere that doesn't conflict with something
* else. Put it above BOOTMAPSZ to eliminate conflicts.
* pxefile_addr_r can be pretty much anywhere that doesn't conflict with
* something else. Put it above BOOTMAPSZ to eliminate conflicts.
* kernel_addr_r must be within the first 128M of RAM in order for the
* kernel's CONFIG_AUTO_ZRELADDR option to work. Since the kernel will
* decompress itself to 0x8000 after the start of RAM, kernel_addr_r
* should not overlap that area, or the kernel will have to copy itself
* somewhere else before decompression. Similarly, the address of any other
* data passed to the kernel shouldn't overlap the start of RAM. Pushing
* this up to 16M allows for a sizable kernel to be decompressed below the
* compressed load address.
* fdt_addr_r simply shouldn't overlap anything else. Choosing 32M allows for
* the compressed kernel to be up to 16M too.
* ramdisk_addr_r simply shouldn't overlap anything else. Choosing 33M allows
* for the FDT/DTB to be up to 1M, which is hopefully plenty.
"scriptaddr=0x10000000\0" \
"pxefile_addr_r=0x10100000\0" \
"kernel_addr_r=0x01000000\0" \
"fdt_addr_r=0x02000000\0" \
/* Defines for SPL */
#define CONFIG_SPL_TEXT_BASE 0x00108000
#define CONFIG_SYS_SPL_MALLOC_START 0x00090000
#define CONFIG_SPL_STACK 0x000ffffc
/* Align LCD to 1MB boundary */
#define TEGRA_LP0_ADDR 0x1C406000
#define TEGRA_LP0_SIZE 0x2000
#define TEGRA_LP0_VEC \
"lp0_vec=" __stringify(TEGRA_LP0_SIZE) \
"@" __stringify(TEGRA_LP0_ADDR) " "
#define TEGRA_LP0_VEC
* This parameter affects a TXFILLTUNING field that controls how much data is
* sent to the latency fifo before it is sent to the wire. Without this
* parameter, the default (2) causes occasional Data Buffer Errors in OUT
* packets depending on the buffer address and size.
#endif /* _TEGRA20_COMMON_H_ */