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#ifndef _SHA256_H
#define _SHA256_H
#define SHA256_SUM_LEN 32
/* Reset watchdog each time we process this many bytes */
#define CHUNKSZ_SHA256 (64 * 1024)
#define SHA224_DIGEST_SIZE 28
#define SHA256_DIGEST_SIZE 32
#define SHA256_BLOCK_SIZE 64
/* SHA2 context */
typedef struct {
uint32_t h[8];
uint32_t tot_len;
uint32_t len;
uint32_t digest_len;
uint8_t block[2 * SHA256_BLOCK_SIZE];
uint8_t buf[SHA256_DIGEST_SIZE]; /* Used to store the final digest. */
uint8_t tmp[12]; // temp sha bits counter saved here by hw.
/* SHA256 context */
typedef struct {
uint32_t total[2];
uint32_t state[8];
uint8_t buffer[64];
} sha256_context;
void sha256_starts(sha256_context * ctx);
void sha256_update(sha256_context *ctx, const uint8_t *input, uint32_t length);
void sha256_finish(sha256_context * ctx, uint8_t digest[SHA256_SUM_LEN]);
void sha256_csum_wd(const unsigned char *input, unsigned int ilen,
unsigned char *output, unsigned int chunk_sz);
#endif /* _SHA256_H */