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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Local modification for Estelle. See lib/fuchsia/
#include <common.h> // <stdint.h>
// The payload (after decompression) of an item in BOOTFS format consists
// of separate "file" images that are each aligned to ZBI_BOOTFS_PAGE_SIZE
// bytes from the beginning of the item payload. The first "file" consists
// of a zbi_bootfs_header_t followed by directory entries.
#define ZBI_BOOTFS_PAGE_SIZE (4096u)
#define ZBI_BOOTFS_PAGE_ALIGN(size) \
typedef struct {
uint32_t magic;
// Size in bytes of all the directory entries.
// Does not include the size of the zbi_bootfs_header_t.
uint32_t dirsize;
// Reserved for future use. Set to 0.
uint32_t reserved0;
uint32_t reserved1;
} zbi_bootfs_header_t;
// LSW of sha256("bootfs")
#define ZBI_BOOTFS_MAGIC (0xa56d3ff9)
// Each directory entry holds a pathname and gives the offset and size
// of the contents of the file by that name.
typedef struct {
// Length of the name[] field at the end. This length includes the
// NUL terminator, which must be present, but does not include any
// alignment padding required before the next directory entry.
uint32_t name_len;
// Length of the file in bytes. This is an exact size that is not
// rounded, though the file is always padded with zeros up to a
// multiple of ZBI_BOOTFS_PAGE_SIZE.
uint32_t data_len;
// Offset from the beginning of the payload (zbi_bootfs_header_t) to
// the file's data. This must be a multiple of ZBI_BOOTFS_PAGE_SIZE.
uint32_t data_off;
// Pathname of the file, a UTF-8 string. This must include a NUL
// terminator at the end. It must not begin with a '/', but it may
// contain '/' separators for subdirectories.
char name[];
} zbi_bootfs_dirent_t;
// Each directory entry has a variable size of [16,268] bytes that
// must be a multiple of 4 bytes.
#define ZBI_BOOTFS_DIRENT_SIZE(name_len) \
((sizeof(zbi_bootfs_dirent_t) + (name_len) + 3) & -(size_t)4)
// zbi_bootfs_dirent_t.name_len must be > 1 and <= ZBI_BOOTFS_MAX_NAME_LEN.