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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <zircon/types.h>
// Accessors for the Zircon-specific UTC clock reference maintained by the
// language runtime
// zx_utc_reference_get
// Returns a handle to the currently assigned UTC clock, or ZX_HANDLE_INVALID if
// no such clock currently exists. The handle returned has borrow semantics,
// and should never be directly closed by the user. If a program wishes to take
// ownership of the clock, it should do so using |zx_utc_reference_swap|.
// Thread safety is the responsibility of the user. In particular, if a clock
// is fetched by a user using |zx_utc_reference_get|, but then the clock is
// swapped out using |zx_utc_reference_swap| and the original clock is closed,
// then the initial clock handle returned is now invalid and could result in a
// use-after-close situation. It is the user's responsibility to avoid these
// situations.
zx_handle_t _zx_utc_reference_get(void);
zx_handle_t zx_utc_reference_get(void);
// zx_utc_reference_swap
// Atomically swap the clock handle provided with the current UTC reference.
// Upon success, the runtime takes ownership of the handle provided by
// |new_utc_reference| and returns the previous clock handle to the caller via
// |prev_utc_reference_out|, or ZX_HANDLE_INVALID if no clock was currently
// assigned. The clock returned via swap is now owned by the caller.
// In the case of failure, the handle passed in by new_utc_reference will be
// consumed, and the clock held by the runtime will remain unchanged.
// Clock handles provided to libc via zx_utc_reference_swap must have read rights
// or they will be rejected.
// Parameters:
// new_utc_reference : A handle to the clock to install as the UTC reference.
// Ownership of this handle will _always_ be consumed
// by zx_utc_reference_swap.
// prev_utc_reference_out : Either the handle to the previous UTC clock (success
// case), or ZX_HANDLE_INVALID in the case of failure.
// If a valid handle is returned in this out parameter,
// it is _always_ owned by the caller after the call.
// It is illegal to pass NULL for this parameter.
// Return Values:
// If a new clock reference is being provided, the return value of
// |zx_utc_reference_swap| will be the result of a |zx_clock_read| call made to
// verify the clock. If ZX_HANDLE_INVALID was passed in order to uninstall a
// reference clock, the function cannot fail and will always return ZX_OK.
zx_status_t _zx_utc_reference_swap(zx_handle_t new_utc_reference,
zx_handle_t* prev_utc_reference_out) __NONNULL((2));
zx_status_t zx_utc_reference_swap(zx_handle_t new_utc_reference,
zx_handle_t* prev_utc_reference_out) __NONNULL((2));