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UMS test script.
Example usage:
1. On the target:
create UMS exportable partitions (with e.g. gpt write), or specify a
partition number (PART_NUM) as "-" to use the entire device
ums 0 mmc 0
2. On the host:
sudo test/ums/ VID PID PART_NUM [-f FILE_SYSTEM] [test_file]
e.g. sudo test/ums/ 0525 a4a5 6 -f vfat ./dat_14M.img
... where:
VID - UMS device USB Vendor ID
PID - UMS device USB Product ID
PART_NUM - is the partition number on which UMS operates or "-" to use the
whole device
Information about available partitions on the target one can read with using
the 'mmc part' or 'part list' commands.
The partition num (PART_NUM) can be specified as '-' for using the whole device.
The [-f FILE_SYSTEM] optional switch allows for formatting target partition to
The last, optional [test_file] parameter is for specifying the exact test file
to use.