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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+ */
* Copyright 2017 Theobroma Systems Design und Consulting GmbH
* Execution starts on the instruction following this 4-byte header
* (containing the magic 'RK30', 'RK31', 'RK32' or 'RK33'). This
* magic constant will be written into the final image by the rkimage
* tool, but we need to reserve space for it here.
* To make life easier for everyone, we build the SPL binary with
* space for this 4-byte header already included in the binary.
* We need to add 4 bytes of space for the 'RK33' at the
* beginning of the executable. However, as we want to keep
* this generic and make it applicable to builds that are like
* the RK3368 (TPL needs this, SPL doesn't) or the RK3399 (no
* TPL, but extra space needed in the SPL), we simply insert
* a branch-to-next-instruction-word with the expectation that
* the first one may be overwritten, if this is the first stage
* contained in the final image created with mkimage)...
b 1f /* if overwritten, entry-address is at the next word */
adr r3, entry_counter
ldr r0, [r3]
cmp r0, #1 /* check if entry_counter == 1 */
beq reset /* regular bootup */
add r0, #1
str r0, [r3] /* increment the entry_counter in memory */
mov r0, #0 /* return 0 to the BROM to signal 'OK' */
bx lr /* return control to the BROM */
.word 0
#if (defined(CONFIG_SPL_BUILD) || defined(CONFIG_ARM64))
/* U-Boot proper of armv7 do not need this */
b reset
#if !defined(CONFIG_ARM64)
* For armv7, the addr '_start' will used as vector start address
* and write to VBAR register, which needs to aligned to 0x20.
.align(5), 0x0
.space CONFIG_ROCKCHIP_SPL_RESERVE_IRAM /* space for the ATF data */