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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+ */
* (C) Copyright 2016
* Texas Instruments, <>
* Andreas Dannenberg <>
#include <common.h>
* Invoke secure ROM API on high-security (HS) device variants. It formats
* the variable argument list into the format expected by the ROM code before
* triggering the actual low-level smc entry.
u32 secure_rom_call(u32 service, u32 proc_id, u32 flag, ...);
* Invoke a secure ROM API on high-secure (HS) device variants that can be used
* to verify a secure blob by authenticating and optionally decrypting it. The
* exact operation performed depends on how the certificate that was embedded
* into the blob during the signing/encryption step when the secure blob was
* first created.
int secure_boot_verify_image(void **p_image, size_t *p_size);
* Return the start of secure reserved RAM, if a default start address has
* not been configured then return a region at the end of the external DRAM.
u32 get_sec_mem_start(void);
* Invoke a secure HAL API that allows configuration of the external memory
* firewall regions.
int secure_emif_firewall_setup(uint8_t region_num, uint32_t start_addr,
uint32_t size, uint32_t access_perm,
uint32_t initiator_perm);
* Invoke a secure HAL API on high-secure (HS) device variants that reserves a
* region of external memory for secure world use, and protects it using memory
* firewalls that prevent public world access. This API is intended to setaside
* memory that will be used for a secure world OS/TEE.
int secure_emif_reserve(void);
* Invoke a secure HAL API to lock the external memory firewall configurations.
* After this API is called, none of the HAL APIs for configuring the that
* firewall will be usable (calls to those APIs will return failure and have
* no effect).
int secure_emif_firewall_lock(void);
* Invoke a secure HAL API to authenticate and install a Trusted Execution
* Environment (TEE) image.
int secure_tee_install(u32 tee_image);
#endif /* _OMAP_SEC_COMMON_H_ */