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@ ARMv8 RMR reset sequence on Allwinner SoCs.
@ All 64-bit capable Allwinner SoCs reset in AArch32 (and continue to
@ exectute the Boot ROM in this state), so we need to switch to AArch64
@ at some point.
@ Section G6.2.133 of the ARMv8 ARM describes the Reset Management Register
@ (RMR), which triggers a warm-reset of a core and can request to switch
@ into a different execution state (AArch32 or AArch64).
@ The address at which execution starts after the reset is held in the
@ RVBAR system register, which is architecturally read-only.
@ Allwinner provides a writable alias of this register in MMIO space, so
@ we can easily set the start address of AArch64 code.
@ This code below switches to AArch64 and starts execution at the specified
@ start address. It needs to be assembled by an ARM(32) assembler and
@ the machine code must be inserted as verbatim .word statements into the
@ beginning of the AArch64 U-Boot code.
@ To get the encoded bytes, use:
@ ${CROSS_COMPILE}gcc -c -o rmr_switch.o rmr_switch.S
@ ${CROSS_COMPILE}objdump -d rmr_switch.o
@ The resulting words should be inserted into the U-Boot file at
@ arch/arm/include/asm/arch-sunxi/boot0.h.
@ This file is not build by the U-Boot build system, but provided only as a
@ reference and to be able to regenerate a (probably fixed) version of this
@ code found in encoded form in boot0.h.
ldr r1, =0x017000a0 @ MMIO mapped RVBAR[0] register
ldr r0, =0x57aA7add @ start address, to be replaced
str r0, [r1]
dsb sy
isb sy
mrc 15, 0, r0, cr12, cr0, 2 @ read RMR register
orr r0, r0, #3 @ request reset in AArch64
mcr 15, 0, r0, cr12, cr0, 2 @ write RMR register
isb sy
1: wfi
b 1b